Louboard 1.0 Mod, Upgrade | Lightweight | Portable

So how much is shipping to Iceland @Rob.Rast?

One thing I think needs to be addressed, is to organize a group buy you need to be a level 3 member. Not my rule, but the mods are very strict about that. They do allow you to sell a product, providing that you already have it in stock and ready to ship. I don’t know the exact rules, but I’d recommend checking them out before a mod shuts down the thread.

Yes, this could be a killer

Do you offer just the board for sale on your website? I didn’t see that, but perhaps that could be an option.

They do just without a lid

I think the level 3 thing is regarding forum members that try to buy from a company and then pass it on. Not when you are talking to the company itself. @moderators could we move this groupbuy/new deck topic into its own thread?

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If people don’t want to drill holes for e-switch, they could use @Martinsp Push to start switch

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Pretty cool :wink:

Just blew my first esc :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I feel like someone shit in my cereal. Somehow the positive wire on the esc broke or burned through. When I tried to solder it back onto the chip I must have made the solder joint just slightly too big or something because it immediately blew the xt30s on the battery and the esc. Not sure how the short happened because the negative wire was still far away from my solder for the positive but I clearly screwed it somehow.

It was weird because it locked up my hubs after until I unplugged the fried esc from the motors.

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sure - but ugly is still ugly even with better suited dimensions for DIY. Spend some more time on the design - check out the miles board (a rebranded Winboard GT3 Mini AFAIK) for example to see how a good looking deck is supposed to look like.

Edit: I also flagged your posts - its been three times the same image

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@pat.speed what happened to that group buy of the miles deck? The page doesn’t even exist anymore.

It was a flop, we didn’t get enough people on board… pun not intended. I think the page must have been closed by mods just to stop everything piling up, I’m pretty sure they delete old things. I would have liked that deck but I think I’m going to like the deck I’m making even more :smiley: Mine is much slimmer, a bit longer and wider and has much more room for electronics, it’s not cool carbon fibre but oh well


Did you notice an improvement with how steep of a hill you could climb or top speed? It looks like you desoldered the old battery, correct?

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The battery was spotwelded so we only desoldered the balance wires and + and - to remove the battery.

I’m sure it can do better hills because before the board started beeping because the cells reached their cutoff voltage with small hills. Now the weakest part isn’t anymore the battery, I have no idea how steep the hill is which I did (it was a bridge) so no insane hill but it went up pretty easy.

Topspeed was increased just a tiny bit 2km/h extra

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The battery was a huge huge upgrade for mine. I used to not be able to even get up mold hills without beeping. The other day I took it 11 miles before beeping at all. Blasted up hills with my 30q cells. Night and day difference


for this small board, what you can do is really limited, maybe just change to dual motor and big capacity battery to get faster speed and bigger range as you can. but no matter how you improve it, there is no doubt this board is not good for up hills(because of the deck size is too samll ) and also the range can’t be longer than 10miles. It’s better just keep it as a board for short distance communicating and DIY another new longboard as you need.

My 30q mod takes me up pretty damn steep hills without an issue. I really want to upgrade to 30T cells but I doubt it’ll fit the extra few mm.


You should do it. cheers!


I may try but I doubt it’ll fit. Just that few extra mm for each cell adds up and I don’t think it will end up fitting.

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