MAD SURFER | Deck Custom 59" | Trucks Supercarve | 5065 140kv | FSESC4.20 | Graphene 10s5Ah45C | FW 107mm | Metr.Pro

Hey e-riderz !!

Another one :blush:

Because I’m a fan of Hamboard and have always wanted one, it would be even better to make it and electric!

The main idea … I just want to enjoy cruiser, carver, surf cushy from time to time. Without constraint with the big unevenness by here, or during passage on roads more disgusting … I hesitated for size and shape and then I said, go make yourself happy guy !!! (I always could re-shape step by step, test ride after test ride).

The setup:

Deck: Custom style surf 70s, fishtail - size: 59 “x 17.7” is 150 x 45 cm Trucks: Evolve Supercarve - custom bushings setup Wheels: ABEC11 Flywheels 107mm 74A black Transmission: Evolve Wheel Driver 38T x 15T Motor mount: Evolve at the rear/custom at the front Motor: Racerstar 5065 140kv ESC: VESCs … dual FSESC4.20 Batteries: Graphene 10s 5Ah 45C Remote: GT2B mod Madmonkey

What comes out of it: Looks perfectly cool, and I certainly could set up the FSESC parameter cool and low…

In the end it’s really great to work! It feels like shaping his wooden surf at the old school: Mrgreen: I took a lot of fun!!! The deck is composed of 10 folds of laminated Okoume (outside). General Shape directly inspired by the Hamboard Fish. In addition to a string of 5 additional plies and 30mm thick riser pads to make room for the carve with the huge mega wide fat flat deck, the flexibility of the Supercarve and the big wheels 107. All go!

The front custom mounts, I drew them for the occasion, because besides not wanting to expose them with the engines like front bumper (if I took the evolve mounts standard), I also have the constraints quoted at so it must be far from the deck, but far from the ground anyway! With the double bushing it’s a pretty long plate anyway …

Just received the Dual & Mini FSESC 4.20 :

As always for the moment what holds the build is the enclosure … under this liner! Already a little one take me so much time to set up :smile: , there I feel like if I was making a boat hull: lol: I was looking for a new fiber to test, I will try Basalt fiber. I will probably head to a pack Graphene 12s 16Ah 30C (yum!) …

Just to have an idea, with a 35 ° LONG TRAMPA Mountianboard Deck (total length tips to tips 960mm) :

BTW, the setup will be AWD :star_struck: My 1st !!!


She’s a beast.

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Really looking forward to seeing this one come together !!

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That’s huge man :smiley: Like the omnibus of esk8’s, i bet it will ride like a cloud :sunglasses:

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Thank guyz !!!

I will really start next week, I make some little vid to show the FSESC 1st overview in hand (like the one in the 1st post, I edited the insta video for a better youtube review/unpacking :blush: ).

I polish the board, it gives him even more relief ! Beautiful !! But I got some research work to do, I have to think about the grip-tape … and also the enclosure !!.. Hard time here :smile:

But this WE I got the rebuild of the Darth Vapor for the sailing…!

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Quickly in two world : Really (really really really) cool !!! :star_struck:

But, got some elec issue, I will make a more complete report tomorrow, I’m making a littl’vid too.



:heart: (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑


Hey e-riderz !

Hooo, I got a so good feeling on this …

So, ok, after 3 pack battery, I think I find a “good” setting for the dual FSESC 4.20… On 10s, with 20A motor and batt max, 90 absolute Max in BLDC, I got no problem, no faults, no heat :blush: haha easy ! And no sensor on the slave, switch motor make the same result, weird. …But can’t wait for the AWD set! Actually, it needs to much full throttle :smile: And I need more ass kicking !!!

The 1st ride (see below), set to 40A motor max and 30 batt max, I got OVER CURRENT. At 30 motor max and 20 batt max, got over current too. Sometimes but only uphill at 25A. And with 20A is ok, no more faults, I make a full battery a with this setup tonight, fine. And I will continue all the WE. it’s really a shame cause there is a big difference with just 10a. 30a feel better but need to ride really cool and so you don’t passe any uphill whitout over current…

Just still got Metr.Pro disconnection: I make a ride of more than 12km and it records only 3.7km…? I see that when my phone has updated, the parameter for the “battery save” was reactivated, so I put it off again. But … the apps still continue to disconnect … Maybe you got another idea @rpasichnyk ? (I have share you my log). It’s set on my slave.

And here you could see the 1st ride, with some OVER CURRENT … In just 300m I got 2 alerts, and during the 1st ride more than maybe 10 faults …

So I will not recommend you using the dual FSESC for an uphill or crazy powerful setup. Maybe it’s a good option for the little dual hub or smaller motor like this 5065 for a cruising board (or an eco / long range setup…). OR AN AWD !


NICE! thanks for sharing the videos!

Can you snap some pics of your truck and risers ? How loose can you go without wheel bite? I love the surfboard setup. Inspired to build myself a fish too!


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Thanks mate !

I have a picture of the bottom,… not the best for seeing rise, I would do another tomorrow, but I’m ashamed, it’s done with the tear (sorry don’t know if that expression means something in english) I do not have enclosure and everything is placed underneath without finishing … I made sure to not have wheelbite, and the radius of plating is pretty amazing! I can turn around in a street, I’ll do a little video of that :blush: For those who may be interested, I have made a jpeg on scale to print :wink::point_right: here

I have made something like this for the front trucks, so I could reverse the mount :

to follow :v:


Such an awesome build bro!! Love that deck. Enjoyed watching you ride it. Super Surfy.


Do you have to halve the values of battery min and max because you are running dual? Maybe that’s why it’s causing the over current error code? I know it’s required fro TB vesc running in dual but I’m not familiar with FSESC4.20’s settings.

Hey e-riders ! More ride this WE, yesterday it record nothing … Today I got the only 2.27km (cause I think about stopping the run before entering a shop). Then it restart correctly, I made my ride then arrived to house, check the apps, I see that it was not “open” (apps restart or something like that) and the module passed to “connected” (when he was already there and started it at the start of the run) so I know it records nothing … once again … and no record recorded again GRRRR

Pleeaaaaaze e-riderz I need help !! I disable the battery saver as well as the app saver in background, all,… I think I try all… And all I want is to could rec. my ride :pray:

@rpasichnyk , I share you my log :wink:

If someone got the same experience and find the good way to go please share me !!! :blush:

:v: :sunny: have a nice day all !

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Sorry 3B6 ! I missed to answer you … Hum … don’t know actually if it’s dual problem, but I’m installing two Mini FSESC now to test it so I will see if it’s a dual problem or anytime with the 4.20 HW.

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Hey e-riders,

So, I try … hoho I try !!.. But nothing work … in CAN, I can’t run dual, and one won’t pass sensor detection.

So I reinstall the dual, and at the last I made and will made I guess, it faults again ! This time it Overcurrent in dowhill when I was braking … It was super scary … I taste a bit the ground but all good !!!

Did someone could help me reading and understand the log here? I was braking and suddenly it passes from -38 to +50A ? for the dual set at 20A Motor and batt max itch? :thinking:

Thanks for your help !

can you post screenshots of your vesc settings

:smiley: Yes :

(page don’t show don’t change…)

I will try FOC I guess regarding to all the user using it with apparently pb … But I got many uphill around here and with dual 5065 you play more with the triger I guess … (reminder : 10s5Ah - Dual 5065 140kv - 15 x 38 T 15mm belts - 107mm …)

I looking to find my old iPhone5 to maybe get Metr.At work one day … cause I make pretty stressed test, so sad to can’t share it. I faults I got are not recorded, got to recreate the situation and abuse a bit ^^

Thanks for your help ! & Good WE e-Riders :v:

you changed the voltage setting under Advanced. Why?

ha, yes,… well just to be sure to not abuse my lipo… but didn’t set min right :blush: Seeing somethink wrong ? Please tell me !

Hi e-riderz :wave:

Got my Phone not crashing anymore! So will make full ride report soon :blush: Thanks to the community Roman and Hexacopter and Surfer from his good tips !!! Lock apps on Android if you encounter some issue with no recorded ride :wink:

It needs to be ridden pretty coolly for not faulted but it’s still cool to get a soft board. I’m sure we will find a way to ride it definitely safe soon :wink:

Bonus today :smile: a little vid !

Enjoy & ride safe :v: