Madrid Weezer | 190kv | VESC | 10S 8AH | Nyko Kama

Hi everyone!

Fist of all excuse my english please.

I’m form Spain and want to share my experience. After reading and reading y i feel (almost) ready tu build my own e-board. Thanks to everybody in this forum!!

I have learned a lot here but I need help with batteries and charger.

PARTS: DESK: I’m going to use my cheap longboard (Madrid Weezer) MOTOR, TRUCKS, WHEELS, MOTOR MOUNT: Enertion kit. I think motor is 190Kv VESC: from REMOTE: Niko Kama BATTERY: [Zippy 5s 8000mAh] ( x2. 10s in serial CHARGER: I don’t know. Could you help me please? Something about 40€ would work?

How should i charge the batteries? Could I charge both batteries with the same charger? I didn’t find posts with tutorials about it. Of course, I want to make it safety, so i have this link to make a loop key. I’m not sure what it does. Prevent Sparks? What sparks? when turn it on/off? I need something more to make it safety? EDIT: I must add a fuse too?

I’m waiting for parts to arrive. Thanks to you again!!

To be updated ;D

Could you send me a link for a spain webshop with the niko Kama? Don’t seem to find any in the eu

Buenas, supongo que hablas castellano, pero un buen cargador que te recomiendo es este

Buena suerte!

@XIII Sure.

@ArmandR De precio está perfecto! Sabes si con ese cargador puedo cargar las dos baterias en serie a la vez? O cargo primero una y luego otra? Thanks!!

I changed the title to the proper format. This helps people to find your thread easily.

The one you linked is not a Nyko Kama and is likely to not work with the VESC as a remote

@lox897 Oh, sorry! and thank you!

@XIII No? sh*t!! Too good to be true… so I have to look a Niko Kama… thank U!

When you will plug in a >6S battery to an ESC the capacitor will load instantly and that results in a spark. To prevent the spark we put a little resistor between the battery and the esc that the capacitor just loads slowly and no spark happens. Otherwise you will fry your key over the time because it will destroy it with every spark.[quote=“raxell, post:1, topic:5237”] EDIT: I must add a fuse too? [/quote]

You dont need to but it is much safer! If somehow your setup should draw more than the fuse allows it would just turn off. You will need to replace the fuse then but the over current do not destroy your esc. That way you can buy a new fuse and safe a complete esc.

No estoy muy seguro pero creo que si, tienes que comprarte un parallel board, se hace todo más complicado, yo cargaría una en una, tardarán lo mismo.

Where are you in Spain? I’m in Madrid if you are too we ought meet up. I also have a charger I could sell you for 30

I don’t need the charger, @raxell Needs it.

shoot sorry man

@raxell lives in Spain

Where in spain you at brother…im in madrid and have an extra 6s charger id let you have for 30 euros

@monkey32 Hi! What charger is? Is it brand new or used?

It has been used 10 times so used, and works great.

I have been receiving pieces so i’m going to update this thread. I am waiting enertion parts yet

I have added an anti-spark switch from esk8


Yees!!, finally, after two months I have my enertion parts.

All it is working: VESC OK Motor detection OK BUT!! my Nyko kama don’t connect. The red light flashes and turn off. I didn’t try nyko kama before in a wii so I don’t know if it is broke or if I have to do something to turn it on. Maybe I have too long cables in the receiver?

I’m going to show my VESC setting. I could not ride it yet, I need nyko kama connect with the receiver and I am working in the enclosure. Are my setting ok, please? I don’t want hard brakes

Two things:

  • you need to set max input voltage to 57V in the motor tab (it’s on 42V now which might lead to errors)

  • check if your Kama receiver is connected correctly (sorry, it’s German, but should be clear anyway):


Ooh nice!! I think a have conected nyko kama wrong. I started in pin number 1. I’m going to try it after dinner.

I have to set max input voltage to 57v? even with 2x 5s batteries? Ok, I’m going to change it. Thank you very much!!!

And guys, what do you think about this? good idea, bad idea??