Magneto Electric Skateboard

Anybody hear of a UK company named Magneto making a e-board? They are reasonably priced about 650$ with US shipping and advertise 18mph and a 15mile max range. I picked one up just to try it. I had a Yuneec e-go that I loved but just grew out of. I bought the Marbel but returned it ASAP for a refund (first builds were junk, almost no QA/QC before being shipped).

Once again, form the top, you can build a board for $300-$600 mono-drive and you will have immense satisfaction because it was something you partially made/assembled yourself. The board its self with trucks/flywheels: $100-$200 Electonics: $120 vesc, $20 rx/tx $100 for lipo starter pack w/ charger Mechanical mount(s): $120-$200

Build it yourself and you wont regret it

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Have you tried building one rather than buying?


No I haven’t. Nor will I. I’m pretty content buying them until I get the extra free time. Thanks for the snarky remark that has nothing to do with the topic. Much appreciated!


Dude. Realize that you’re on Guido wasn’t really being snarky. He was just trying to offer you a different perspective on eBoards that happens to be the points of these forums.


I can understand that, no problem.


It’s kinda fuzzy for me though, so please explain, how is purchasing a complete RTR (prebuilt, preprogrammed, complete with 1st batch problems, etc.) Raptor board any different than the others… Yet I see those as topics and discussions.


Hey skater, thanks for the heads up on Marbel boards. I was considering one of those at one time myself. When my Ego just wasn’t fast enough anymore. There are several companies trying to bring in wheel motors to the market and its good to get real feedback on them when ever possible. I am curious, did you notice heat build up in the motors? Some suspect that sealing the motors up inside the wheels would cause overheating. The Magneto looks very similar to several brands that are available on Amazon. I would recommend searching Youtube for first hand reviews. I see that a quick google search brings up the Magneto website and they do sell spare parts so with support, its probably a safe bet for an intermediate e-board. 18mph feels a lot faster that 13 and should satisfy for a while. In time you’ll probably outgrow that board also. Cheers

Because the RTR is still a DIY board. You need to fix it yourself before you can use it :sunglasses:.


wasn’t a snarky remark. was a legit question. thanks for the attitude.


Lead a horse to water…

Lead a board to electricity…

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@AZe-sk8ter buy one from me if you want something special that will leave your other boards in the dust. I’ll ship it to your house ready to ride as long as you’re in the US.

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I’d say buy from me as well but don’t have anything to sell. You’ll get the best fregin board in the world if u make it for 800$. Easy. U need duct tape and a soldering iron…and possibly not even need a solder iron if u buy ur parts with plugs matching. Maybe u don’t know but I’d bet almost everyone on this site who’s made a board has more power than commercial stuff

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Can someone answer the poor guys question folks, he asked about Magneto, if its good or is it some chinese fur ball they coughed up…

The specs look descent, based in London, but they could have just bulk buyed a shit load of boards to london now… and there is hardly anyone reviewing it. so i dunno…dodgeville ?

It’s a clone chinese board.

The magneto, falcon, backfire, and melon (not mellow) are the same Chinese imports. They will disappoint you. Guts attached for inspection.


When u say disappoint you…do you mean in terms of advertised performance? Less range or top speed or quality… Or all three?

Raptor is better quality, better specs, and if you ever need help, this forum has hundreds of people who are experts and willing to help. The only reason I didn’t buy a raptor is because I couldn’t afford it. If you have the cash though, they’re the best way to go. By far.

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Mine was second hand with issues to start with so maybe I’m not the best judge. My critism is build quality at that price point (new 600$ish). It’s off the shelf parts, junky trucks. Thin plastic hull. I think it represents a the best argument for DIY vs store bought. $600 can go along way if you have some patience make your own.

Also, if that’s your price point, support our community and get a carvon mini board. The advertisers behind these boards make it sound like they hit lab bench and did some legit R and D to come up with the best components. They just batch ordered from China.

I bet your thinking, “whatever man, as long as it skates it skates.” And that’s true too.

You can get it on alibaba for $400 if you ask for a sample. Or on ebay for about $500. I have one and it is true to its specs. I have a friend with one who got it and it didn’t start but if you contact them they will help and replace it (I think the warranty is 90 days). I expect the first thing to go out is the esc which just means I can replace it with the latest v-esc (They are currently working on v5 I believe). Finding replacement parts is super tricky I looked up all the companies that re-brand it and saved the parts links. My hope is that it last long enough for hub motors to go down in price so I can swap it in since those have no drag. The biggest issue with this board is the fact that the acceleration and breaking isn’t fine tuned (which is fixed upon swapping the esc). If your looking for the best this is not it but I’d still recommend it unless you feel you would want something better down the line then I saw build your own and go for hub motors if you can. I may have shown slight bias on my reply on hub motors but honesty being able to use your board like a normal one without drag is super cool and acceleration from stop is improved.