Making a Motor Mount

Don’t have a drill press :frowning:

Looks like you can’t make one then.

You can use a normal drill. just start with a small hole so you can get it lined up correctly, then gradually increase the drill bit size.

Also, 50/63mm for that welded mount refers to the size of the motor.

Sure…ntm 50/60 is a main stay…but would suggest moving to a 63 can size

you really dont need a drill press! if you have a good bench mounted vice, a hand drill and some little rounded files and fat ones youll be alright

The only part you will need to drill dose not need to be square just yet

scribe out what shape you want then drill atleast 1mm form the edge so you can fix it up with files later on if you didnt get the drilling square

my final product


Or make one from carbon and resin with a mold

Mold 25$ Resin 25$ Carbon 10$

Or do a mold with expanding foam and traditional carbon layup exoskeleton

Or get your trucks with the wheel and wheel pulley on, and your motor with its pulley and the belt, hold it all in position and get someone to put epoxy putty everywhere it needs to go. No ones tried that yet I don’t think.

Or decide it’s too hard to make a mount and make a hubmotor.

if you want a really cheap motor mount you need only Z or L steel bracket(2-3$) and 4 screws with self-locking nuts (~1$)


Most impressive motor mount yet! How does it hold?

DUDE!.. now that’s fucking impressive… love your “I don’t give a fuck about aesthetic” attitude…

Next, I want to see someone make a motor mount from an empty Pepsi can!


That is Ghetto Fabulous :metal:t2:

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How does this hold up?

What size would the sk3 245kv be? I must be stupid because I can’t find it

What’s the size of that aluminum block you have to make that motor mount

i used 12mm 6mm thick aluminum @Ssmario1

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I’m making mine from a scrap piece of 6mm x 50mm Aluminium that i got for $5. It will be enough to make 2 mounts, if need be.

@mohammedex @onloop @link5505 @Michaelinvegas
It was my firs “300$” longboard :slight_smile: Then did not want spand a lot of money, but I had a great desire to make a electric longoard. This motor mount hold very nice - ~250km without problems. To prevent slipping I used a little bit of hot glue. But for more stability I recommend to use 2 steel brackets(2mm thick) together.

Now I build my second board with VESC, 18650 cells and other nice stuff. And I hope I get my VESC untill end of June because the summer in Saint Petersburg is very short :slight_smile:


It’s awesome bro

I’m sure it brought you a lot of smiles

@eLDoska that’s just awesome! Nice work! All this time I’ve been spending money for mounts like a chump!

I tried finding a l bracket or z bracket like the one you showed with no success. Can you link me one?

I am not shure, that my link will help you, because i am from Russia and such steel brackets are here in every building materials store.