Making a Trampa HS11 flexible battery for eboosted enclosure

Hello guys, here is a small how-to tutorial on how to make a battery for the enclosures I sell. For those who don’t have the time/tools to make it I’m also offering the enclosures with batteries.

There are different ways to make the batteries but this one is a good balance between price and level of skill.

In this tutorial we will be making a 12s4p this is a really big battery for everyday use, you might have a range on 20-22 miles and a discharge capacity of 80A, that’s A LOT, more than enough for me and for the 95% of esk8ters around.

  1. Buy your enclosure here :slight_smile:

  2. Buy 48 Samsung 30Q cells, pretty good stuff. Install cardboard/fish paper rings for added security.

  3. Glue them with hot silicone or even better natural cure silicone, use fish paper for the positive and negative terminals of each pack. Secure it with kapton tape

  4. Spot weld 99.9% nickel strips using this technique and shape

  5. Connect the nickel strips using 2 x 16awg wires

  6. Glue adjacent packs together, don’t forget to use fish paper between them and then use 200mm heat wrap to cover each double pack

  7. If using a BMS cut small holes on the heat wrap and solder the balance leads, cover them with kapton tape.



Awesome! Just so happened to be part way through mine, this has helped thanks!

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What battery did you use for the spot welder

I used 4s, didn’t have a 3s on hand, I charged it to only 16v


No room for a Bestech 80a bms and 2x vesc, receivers and BT module ?

Theres a giant space to the left if you scroll up and look at the picture

Yeah I know… But im asking if this can have both a bestech 80a bms and 2x vesc

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Unfortunately it seems you won’t be able to fit the Bestech 80A BMS, only the Battery Supports 12S 60A.

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So what BMS are you planning for this build :grinning: ?

It’s going in a hs11 deck for Taliesin, I’d suggest he gets a BMS for charging

@Eboosted I’m completely new with this, so might be a stupid question, but if I understand your previous post correctly, you can’t have two VESCs and a BMS in this? So you can’t have two motors and a “laptop-style” charger with this setup? If so, how am I supposed to charge the batteries?

You can charge with a laptop style charger whether you have a BMS or not. However for you I’d suggest you get a Battery Supports BMS which fits perfect along with 2 FocBoxes or a Bestech BMS for charging like the HCX-D122

imageimage Thanks


I have the HS11 enclosure and have this 12s 60A BMS which just fits in with my 2 VESC6s

This guide is great :slight_smile:

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this is a great guide though i do have concerns for safety with those wires being pinched against the enclosure and deck. after some time they will start to break and could cause a short.

i am actually after an enclosure like this though the wiring is really concerning.

Could someone please reply with the enclosure dimensions so I can see if it will fit my non-Trampa mountain board? I’d love to put this on the bottom of my MBS atom. How flexible is this enclosure? thanks in advance!

Anyone know what the dimensions of the largest pocket is?

Enclosure arrived today, and it’s awesome ! Love it. Can’t wait to get it all together. Thanks again.

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I’m really glad to hear that, hope you enjoy it!