Making my 27" board ELECTRIFIED

I have a 27" (Amazon nickle board)and will be making it into an electric skateboard I won’t be going at high speeds max 20 km/h (12.5 mp/h) my main goal is to go up steep hills so I will be using 59mm wheels and a 3:1 pulley ratio (280kb motor) just want your guys thoughts any tips or comments in general#

Brief components list: Motor: Turnigy 5055-280KV Brushless motor ESC: X-car Beast series ESC 120A Batteries: 2x Turnigy 5000mah 3S 20C lipo pack

I will be posting the results probably on a new topic since It probably won’t be done for another couple of months

59mm wheels will be too small for a 3:1 ratio. Think about moving up to 80mm+. If you want torque and not speed, lower your kv, 170~ should be good.

what do you mean they are to small?

Think about how you fit a pulley on there. Most pulleys would already be as big as the wheel. You might be able to get it to work with a chain drive though. I don’t have much experience with chain drives, however.

If you run 59mm wheels, you’re not going to be able to run a large wheel pulley. If you don’t run a large wheel pulley you can’t get a good reduction ratio down to motor pulley for the required torque you want for steep hills. The smallest pulley I’d ever consider running on a motor would be 13 for a 5M pitch. Any less than that and you’ll have issues with slipping. If you’re hard set on tiny ass wheels, then move to a 3M pitch.

Oh don’t worry the pulley diamter is smaller than the wheel

it is 36:12T (5mm pitch)

a 36T 5M pulley barely has any clearance for an 80mm wheel, it’ll be wayyy too low on a 56mm wheel.

agree, you might have like 2-3mm of clearance between your belt and the ground. Not a good idea.

just go with abec11’s in the 83mm.

Paging @Sapphirinia. She just finished her nickel board.

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36T HTD 5mm pulley has an outside diameter of 56mm. That’s not including the belt. With a 59mm wheel, the belt would basically be scraping the ground at all times

56.16mm + (3.81-2.08)mm = 57.89mm

(59-57.89)/2 = 0.55mm

You would literally have 0.5mm clearance

sidenote, you may as well spend the extra 40$ and go with a VESC rather than a car ESC. it’ll be infinitely more customizable.

Penny do some really nice 70mm wheels and 4" trucks. Which makes quite a difference in ride-quality :slight_smile:

I also made 22" Penny run at 59mm wheels 32T 300KV 6S and at my weight 60KG worked surprisingly well but not amazing at hills.

In what ways?

would stepping down to a 2:1 make alot of diference for hill climb capability?

you’re asking questions that have been answered over and over again, how much research have u done?

alot lol :stuck_out_tongue: the question are very specific to my board and i like other peoples updated opions

Should I use a 30T:10T?

Yeah I’m not going to answer that question because clearly you have not done much research on VESC and BLDC tool or VESC tool. There is a whole category dedicated to VESC and also BLDC.

you asked in what ways the vesc is better, so you know then?