Marbel on ABEC11 107mm Electric Flywheels


looks pretty fast

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only 2 screws on the motor? what gear ratio?

If I recall, it’s 2:1 (30:15)

Marbel is 30:12

I got the gear to fit but I still need to slice about 10 mm off the inside of the wheel so the belt doesn’t rub. then it will fit the Marbel and my Carbon GT. I need to circumcise these wheels. Just a little off the tip. L’chaim!!

Anyone have some ideas on how best to do this? I may try a belt sander before calling my friends rabbi.

Use an spacer, diy has those

What do you mean DIY has them?

The gear won’t fit the wheel with a spacer and/or the axel is not long enough.

Belt sander will cause heat and start to melt the neoprene. Use a coarse belt and grind only for 1-2 seconds at a time letting it cool between and rotate the wheel 1/4 turn each pass. And don’t push the wheel down on the belt. Let the weight of the wheel do the work. Good luck

In this context, DIY is a short for diyelectricskateboard store :wink:

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I haven’t personally tried it so take the suggestion with a grain of salt.

You could try spinning the wheel with the motor and using a wood plane to remove the urethane evenly.

Dude,I have a planer and I just so happen to have an electric planer too. Never thought of that . Thanks . Do you have an example of someone who has used a plane on urethane?

I have seen people use a belt sander. Maybe I will use both.

Wear a respirator if you decide to use a belt grinder. Urethane dust is nasty, and you don’t want to be inhaling it

I would try to cut the wheel first. Grinding down urethane never seems to go as smoothly as you’d think

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Brilliant idea to use a plane!!!

I used an electric plane and it worked like a charm… and it fits the carbon GT too. Thanks

Im trying to put together a board with those monster wheels, but i know theres some challenges what kind of trucks are u using? Motor mount?

They are caliber clones I think that Marbel modified to fit their mount bracket. These monsters fit like regular flywheels but the inside thane is too thick so I had to shave it down. I put it on the front evolve truck and used it as a spindal to hold and spin it while I shave it down little by little .

Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Their electric fly is a nice touch Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur


Awesome job! How much did you have to shave off, can you post a closeup if the reduced one next to regular one for comparison? Thanks!

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Looks like it had to be planed down past the inside bevel, but only by 2-3mm more?

You actually don’t have to cut it as narrow as the 97 mm wheels. I eyeballed it and stopped shaving it down when it fit. I love the Marbel more than before. higher top speed and smoother ride. It roles over everything. I may cut out the beveled area on the other wheels too since it is not making contact with the road and serves no purpose , adds weight and makes the wheels wider than they need to be causing wheel bite. Its a waste of thane if it is not on the contact patch.

How clean does that cut look!?

I guess you’ve to change gear ratio to get decent torque for hills? like 40t+ wheels pulley

Not really. The board still has enough torque for NYC since it was designed to have 100mm wheels and has an app to customize torque and acceleration. This board is made to be very light and with a 195wh battery good for A-B rides, not a torque monster. Maybe a bigger gear (40t) would be better for this wheel but I am not crazy about the added wheel weight. i think the 97mm wheels may better suit this board. I need some time to appreciate the nuances to see what i like best. I am going to cut off the bevel on the other two wheels to reduce weight and even them out.

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