MASSIVE voltage sag with 10s2p Samsung 30Q lithium ion pack

So a while back I got a battery from @vishal_tejwani, and I’ve only been using it for a few weeks. It’s started sagging like crazy and I’m worried that it’s damaged or something. When it’s fully charged and I accelerate really hard, the battery indicator I have goes all the way from 100% to 50%. It was a pretty expensive battery, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas? I’ve tried talking to the guy I bought the battery from, as I was wondering where it was from but he won’t answer. (Maybe he’s on vacation or something lol) if the battery is bad, could anyone point me towards a new one (over 6000mah if possible) that can fit in @Eboosted ‘s boosted style enclosure? Preferably under $300.

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well 2p is kinda small, but where do you ride? Is it steep? How much do you weigh`? What is your Gearreduction and wheelsize also you vesc setting. Many things are to be considered.

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My gearing is 16/36, and I know sag gets worse uphill but this is happening on level ground. I have dual 6355 170kv sensored motors

I’m pretty light, and this has been steadily getting worse. I used the battery cutoff settings @vishal_tejwani recommended for the battery

Like my friend has a boosted v2 dual with extended range, and I used to be able to run laps around his battery, but now we’re about the same

mmh weird. did you inspect the battery for any visible damages?

They’re all wrapped up so I can’t really see them

What is your battery max setting on each vesc?

Just to clarify, I didn’t try to talk to @vishal_tejwani about the battery until now so I’ll let u know if he and I can figure it out

Max is 57v the default

no he means the amps i guess

How many amps are you allowing your vesc to draw?

Ohh 20 per vesc. The max for the battery is 40a total

You are pushing the battery to it’s maximum. So 50% under heavy load sounds right.

Does it go to 50% under heavy acceleration and then back to like 95% or above. If yes then it is normal for the small battery.

Yeah that’s what it does. That normal? But I feel like the battery life is also getting shorter

well he did mention that he used to outperform his mate and now they are even.

How do you feel that? A voltage meter is made to show you roughly the capacity when there is no load on the battery. When you accelerate you have load. And load let’s the voltage sag a bit. And when you have 42V and draw 20A a cell then it will go somewhere at like 36V or 37V and that is at no load 50% capacity.

But a 2P battery isn’t really a made for performance. 10S4P or 12S4P works nice for most people.

My friend has a boosted v2 dual with extended range and I used to get way better battery life than him but it seems we’re starting to become more even. Idk, maybe it’s just placebo

Mostly when people think the battery life becomes worse is when they compare their range to the range they had at the beginning when they were not used to ride electric boards. But the more you get used to it the harder you ride it and the more power you draw at the same distance. Huge difference especially at the beginning.