Maytech 90mm 60kv 800W hubs trouble shooting

Hi there, please help me with my build! I bought two 90mm 60kv 800W Maytech hubs, a 10S5P battery and a esc for dual hub motors which looks similar to the one used in the Meepo board. I could assemble everything and wire it correctly, but somehow top speed and torque is quite disappointing. Also the range i will get with this large battery seems to be off, i only can ride it for a max 12 Miles. My top speed is like 15-16 mph. And the motors are really getting hot. Now if i would replace the esc with two vescs will this improve speed, torque and range, or are the motors just so bad? Could there be a problem with the battery and how can i check for it?

Your help would be really appreciated and thanks in advance!!

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Post vesc settings

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Thanks for replying to my post! At the moment i have the hubs connected to a generic not programmable esc, so i can´t tell you the settings.

It’s unlikely it’s the ESC, I’m running the same ESC on one of my boards and it’s too fast for me. The acceleration curve is crap and the brakes are unpredictable…but it is fast.

I would guess you either have a battery issue or motor issues. You. An test the battery by doing a full charge then measure the total voltage. If it’s 42v, you prolly don’t have a battery issue. It’s still possible, just unlikely.

I would check the motors by replacing with outrunners on the bench, if you have spares. I’ve not heard a lot of good things about Maytech hub motors, so they just not be very good. As the KV is so low that’s a predictable top speed.

Thanks for your reply! So, putting them on vescs will not affect top speed by much i guess. Unfortunately no other motors to test the esc. Would you recommend buying 110kv over 60kv then? How will this affect torque? Can i still go up hills with a 110kv motor?

I really couldn’t say, I’ve never run hubs before. My understanding is that 90kv to 110kv is the sweet spot. Maybe ask @Hummie?

Thanks for your help and time really appreciate it!!

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Can you post links for the hub motors and ESC’s and battery so that we can look at the specs.

Thanks for your reply, here are the parts as bought.

The hubs:

The ESC:

The battery:

about the motors, their specs contradict their performance claims: 24v-36v is only 6s - 8s Max current 22a Max output 800w 36v x 22a = 792w 36v x 60KV = 2160 rpm according to my calculations, the board should go 22 mph with no rider. The excessive heat might be because your using a 10s battery 42v when the motor is only rated for 36v max.

About the battery:

According to their specs, the maximum continuous discharge is only 15a This limitation is likely because of the bms they use and not the cells.

Thank you for your time looking at the parts! I thought 10S is 10 cells at 3.6V , so connected in series will give 36V. Is 15a too low for a discharge rate?

3.6v per cell is the nominal voltage. 3.8v is storgage voltage 4.2v is fully charged voltage. I would not necessarily expect a beginner to know this, but I am little shocked at the way this website is describing their products. It looks like they don’t have a clue about what they’re selling.

15a battery current is probably not enough. thats only 7.5a per side.

We run these hubs (Maytech 90mm 800w) on our board ( , paired with dual Maytech VESC and a 10s2p Samsung 25r 5.0ah pack , and it flies. 25+mph and serious hill climbing. It sounds like the Diyeboard sinewave ESC could be your problem… check with Jason at DIYEboard maybe he can get you a replacement. That or swap out for VESC

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Thanks for both of your replies,

@Namasaki now i get confused, all the Li/Ion 10S batteries i have looked at where rated as 36V. The Lifepo4 ones are rated higher right? But i think the DIYeboard sites product description are just copied and pasted from other Alibaba sites, they have all the same descriptions

@Esk8HubsUS so you think VESC´s might solve my problem, or they sent me a wrong rated ESC like for 6s or 8s? Could wrong wiring affect speed and range?


Vescs are by far the best motor controller available but I don’t think it’s gonna help. The motors are only rated for 22a and your battery is only rated for 15a. If you do decide to get a couple vescs, dont get the Maytech vescs. Rumor on the street is that they are not reliable.

@Namasaki, Sorry, maybe i get you completely wrong, but my really basic understanding of batteries is like this:

The S’s:

A single LiPo cell has a nominal voltage of 3.6 volts. Since battery packs come in different sizes and voltages, it is more convenient to denote the voltages by saying 10S rather than 36 volts. To find out the nominal voltage of any pack, take the number before the S and multiply it by 3.6. This will render the voltage for the pack. So, a 13S pack will have a nominal voltage of 46.8 volts. A single LiFePO4 cell has a nominal voltage of 3.3 volts. Since battery come in all sizes, it is more convenient to denote the voltages by saying 12S rather than 36 volts. To find out the nominal voltage of any pack, take the number before the S and multiply it by 3.3. This will give you the voltage for the pack. So a 16S pack will have a nominal voltage of 52.8 volts. This is taken from the site " Basic understanding of batteries" In my conclusion that means i can use the motors with a 10s battery pack, but the description is horrible because it mentions even 12s packs and the description for the 90mm 110kv motors are the same. So you mean i confuse the input volt of 36V is compatible with a 10s pack right? So if i want to use a 10s 36V pack the input voltage of the hubs should be 42V? I don´t want to offend you, just try to understand what you are saying, i really appreciate your time!!

Look at the chart I posted. It shows various states of charge for Lithium ion and Lithium polymer batteries. A 10s lithium battery is only 30% full at 36v and 100% full at 42v

I would think 15A is for each cell. So only # of parallel would be multiplied. So for the whole pack it should be 75A max continuous.