Maytech 90mm 60kv 800W hubs trouble shooting

Or maybe they are using very low c rated cells. I wouldn’t expect 75amps from that pack. The seller is actually in here maybe he can help @diyeboard

The voltage of a lithium ion/ lithium polymer battery is 36v at its nominal charge, when it is fully charged the battery will be at 4.2v so 4.2 x 10 = 42v like @Namasaki said

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Yeah i get that a fully charged 10s pack should be 42V, but everyone refers to it as 10s 36V right? So for example motors meant for electric bicycles will be rated or described as 36V motors for a 10s pack or not? But my biggest hope is that if i would connect two VESC´s like Enertion Focbocx or another quality vesc, the communication between motor and energy source will get better, meaning that i will get faster speed, less heat and better range. My question is will the vescs help me achieving that or will there be just a marginal change? Thanks!

They will not help you to gain speed it is that simple. The reason you aren’t getting much speed is likely because you are only able to draw 7.5amps per motor which is not enough. Your best bet is most likely a battery that can output more amps. You should be getting around 35km/h or 22mph top speed

I know this motor, I was want to sell on ebay before. quality is ok, just very easy too got hot.

As I remember, this one have 2 version, 24V version can go up to 25km/h, 36V version can go up to 35km/h.

and this one don’t have max 800W, it shall be arround 500W.


Thanks for hanging in here with me! My top speed is only 25km/h, very disappointing, the Meepo gets with less powerful motors better speed and hill climb. If it´s the battery that means i have to change the bms? Why do i get only 12miles of range out of this battery? I am really puzzled now hopefully there will be solution.

possibly voltage sag. Try asking the manufacturer what cells are used in the pack

10S5P shall have above 30km range, unless you battery already damaged.

I did tried, for a 24V version of this hub motors, even use on a 36V battery, it still will not go faster.

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Are your hubs really the same 60kv? Can you show me your wiring and all the other specs of your set up? You are giving me hope, hopefully i can get more out of my spend money.

50 cells w only a 15 amp continuous discharge is weirdly low. Their descriptions are lacking. What cells are they and what bms.

Lipo and li-ion have different voltage at different states of charge and li-ion can go lower

I don’t know those MOTors or why they would get hot but going slowly and getting hot …I’d think ud at least be free from one of those

Ok first off let me start by saying I think it’s definitely a problem with that speed controller. I have two 60kv Maytech Hubs on my 6S 10Ah board with dual VESC and I have a top speed of 20mph and a range of 12-14 miles. I also have my max motor current set at 50A and the motors haven’t even gotten above 40c. I think that with your 10S configuration you should be getting a lot more speed and range from your board so I think your ESC could possibly be setup wrong maybe for a belt drive motor and not a hub. Also if your battery can really only supply 15A continuous then that’s really crappy though I think it could handle burst of like 30-40A when accelerating. Oh also my motor max is set at 50A THOUGH I do not live near any hills whatsoever l, if you do DONT set it that high you’ll kill the motors or the VESC when going up a hill.

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It could be that they where talking about individual cell discharge but they did not make that very clear. Neither do they give any specs for the bms that they use and from their description of the battery it sounds like they are not bypassing the bms for discharge. And for all we know, they could have a 15a bms in there.

The specs for the motors he got says max current 22a

Yeah the max current for my hubs is also 22A but 50A is working fine. It also only draws that much current when accelerating and only for a couple of seconds, nominal current is about 15A. And the hubs he linked have the exact same specs as well as they look identical to my Maytech hubs.

Yeah, it really could be 15A discharge which is pretty bad for a 10s5p pack…

That’s because the factory that supplies Maytech recently launched the retail website, which is

If the bms is in fact the bottle neck, it could easily be corrected by modifying the battery wiring to bypass the bms for discharge. And replacing the esc with a pair of Vescs but I would make one modification at a time and test it.

Then again, he is only getting 12 miles range from a 10s5p and that doesn’t sound right. Since the website doesn’t give any info on the cells used in the battery, I’m wondering whats in there. Could even be counterfeit cells. Chinese companies have been known to use counterfeit fake cells.

On their site, OP’s motors are recommended to be used with VESC.

I can say with a fair amount of cofidence that if you want hub motors that go faster than 15 mph and climb any sort of incline, you have three options: Hummies hubs, enertions hubs (which you must buy as a complete), or carvons. The rest are simply too small. You need a motor twice that size at a minimum. For me, I need 4x double sized hubs to not have issues. All of these hubs not coming from the community are garbage. Their tests are a joke, they put them on a rack and run them at no load speed for 8 hours. The problem with that is you are pulling very little amps, because theres no load. So of course they don’;t over heat. Put a real world load on them and ride them hard for a few hours, thats a real test. These factories don’t care about the quality, they just care about numbers.


Not vouching for their quality but I’ve been using the hubs on Meepo for about 200 miles and it goes 22mph easy and climbs 20%. And I’m pushing it with 7-8 higher voltage than the original. Still heat is no problem after a long climb. Pulse Echo will be shipping soon and it uses Maytech/DIYeboard motor with 25mph.