Maytech mini remote range problem

I’m having a similar problem to the one here My maytech remote works reasonably well when my left hand (I’m goofy) is close to the battery box. As soon as I move the remote to my other hand, I start getting cutouts.

I accidentally broke the wire antenna but spliced it together. I might not have done this properly - I simply folded the wires over each other and insulated it with tape. Probably not the best technique.

I’ve tried all the suggestions in this post but the range is still very limited.

Actually the one last thing I haven’t checked is whether the receiver board is facing away from the components.

I thought the range on these was supposed to be >20m! (According to their site)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve heard keeping your receiver away from your battery leads and phase leads effects range somehow? maybe check that out

Yeah that was one of he suggestions in the other thread I linked to and I’ve tried that out. It makes a little bit of a difference but the range of the remote is still less than 2 metres.

If I remember right @rich had similar problem on his urban carve board with the maytech remote. Not sure if he found a solution, but if did, he will tell you how to fix it :wink:

I’ve had the same issue

I found the solution but sorry for the disappointing answer, the only solution was to NOT use it anymore :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But I think I had different problems with this Maytech MTSKR1712 remote compared to @Songsta. I got a lot of cut offs near to traffic lights, lights in general, gas stations, WLAN, and so on. I had to bail several times when going downhill because of not having brakes for several seconds. I found out that when I bend my knees hard and almost touch the board with the remote I don’t have cut offs but who wants to ride like a monkey.

On both my boards I use the Steez remote (Maytech MTSKR1512) which is expensive and not perfect but has a VERY reliable connection, I can’t ride a board with confidence without having a reliable remote connection.

I also bought the winning mini remote but haven’t tested it yet so I can’t talk about the range or connection. I recognized it has a quite poor throttle range.

Do you have an antenna wire on the receiver? I don’t. Or do you mean one of the yellow, red or brown wires which are connected to the vesc?


I think your battery box is made of carbon, maybe the upper lid, too. This could cause your problems. Maybe try to position the receiver outside of the box or at least without upper lid for testing if it makes any difference in range.

Many people using this remote without problems but also many have interference problems depending on the area where they live.


This is the only time I have ever experienced a problem with my many maytech 1712. Only on my carbon deck did I have an issue with poor range and had to position the receiver in a special plastic cap that covers a hole in the deck. It worked perfectly after that and as indeed it does in all my other boards. The only time I get connection issues are when its low on power.

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Same here :thinking:

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By the way thankyou for the kind words the other day on that cheap enclosure thread. Meant a lot my friend.
This maytech remote is the best one I have used to date but it lasts so bloody long I forget to charge it. It spat me off the other day at full acceleration while leaning forward like a maniac. Felt like the brakes had come on and off I flew. It will power back up for another 5 mins or so though so if you’re close to home all good. If not its uber time.

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Interesting to hear. So you experienced just a poor range because of carbon or also random drop outs?

I like the remote and the 2 modes but in my city area it’s dangerous.

Haha I guess all remotes have this problem. The steez goes full throttle sometimes (when applying a bit throttle) with low battery and the battery lasts only for 2 rides, need to change the battery for a bigger one. I charge the remote after each ride.

In the rural area where I live the Maytech was pretty solid. In the city I experienced repeated dropouts at the same spots on a route I’d regularly ride. RF interference with this Maytech remote is a known issue and is noted throughout the thread linked below. I was told to wrap the receiver in aluminum foil to shield it from RF interference. It didn’t resolve the issue.

I eventually switched to a different brand of remote because the constant dropouts were unsettling.

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No random drops. Never had that at all. I’m thinking maybe the tech over here in Aus might be a bit less advanced for the signals etc. No problems at all. The range was just bad through the carbon deck. It would cut out if I raised my hand above my shoulder or outstretched my arm. Once I re positioned the receiver all good again. I have found though in general with all the remotes I have used the best place for the receiver is dead central in the deck layout. I ride right handed and so the receivers are always positioned dead centre on the right hand side of the enclosure. Severely secured. I also shrink wrap the receiver on those maytechs too.

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aw youre welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ive never had it apply full throttle randomly, although I have had it lightly tap the breaks at low speeds

I used a plastic drybox as my enclosure though, maybe my material was ‘better’?

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I forgot to mention that I live in vienna (austria), a city with 2 million citizens, many signals for interference here.

But according to your description of the poor range I guess this is exactly the problem of @Songsta which can be solved.

This is interesting because that problem I had the other day may have been that. Thats a worry to me because this latest creation is stupid fast and I would hate to have the brakes apply when really travelling. I was going about 15mph at full throttle from a standstill uphill and accelerating when it felt like a brake applied. I put it down to cut connection but if as you say yours taps the brakes maybe it was something else.

I’m not in an inner city environment by any stretch of the imagination. Sleepy little beach town with not many people. It does baffle me though how the rc industry can produce controllers that work perfectly but we can’t seem to. Then again you probably don’t notice a quick connection loss when driving an rc car or drone. You notice it on an esk8 though Notice it a lot.


It felt like the little blips my mini controller would sometimes have if the trim was off, Im switching it out for a better remote in my next build

e: like a stutter(?)

Theres one in the pipeline that will blow your mind

joking but give more info :sob:

I can’t I’m afraid for fear of being hung drawn and quartered.