Maytech Remote Problems

So, I am currently using the Maytech remote with the Pulse Echo board. I am having this problems, where sometimes when i am throttling, it suddenly ramps down speed/brakes, then returns to normal speed. Does anyone have any clue on whats going on?

Here is a pic of the inside of the enclosure. This is after i moved the receiver to the separate compartment.

Any clue or idea works. Even if you dont know what youre saying and its just a potshot, any suggestion works. Also dont mind the wire management haha


  1. remote need rebinding, chage battery, or receiver is failing.
  2. vesc is slowly dying, I experienced it.
  3. vesc has fail safe option. u can turn off or increase time limit. 4.battery is low
  4. u r exceeding erpm

Could the connection dropping out briefly

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Could be u related to the remote. That could be a BMS issue or VESC issue.

before I moved the receiver, there were certain deadzones where the remote would take 1-2 seconds to accelerate or brake after pushing the throttle.So pretty sure its the receiver

yea, but why dropping out?

They’re not particularly reliable remotes tbh

Mine has been ultra reliable. I’ve been using for about 3 months now.

It took me a little while to get used to the form factor, I was used to the benchwheel grip. Now that I’m used to it it feels more natural than the gun grip style of the benchwheel.

I actually bought 2 more for a couple of other builds because it’s been so reliable.

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The one I’ve been testing drops out consistently in several areas on my commute to work. My friend’s had the same issue with several other areas around town

yep. That’s the issue

Get a GT2B and one of the various custom enclosures available for it. I’ve been using mine for over a year, never had a single dropout

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I’ve had a similar experience with remote disconnect. I am still not certain what the cause is. Initially I thought it was the crappy Maytech VESCs my Raptor1 came with, but I have since installed 2 brand new FOCBOXs. All was going well until I rode downtown Chicago for a while, then I experienced some drop outs when accelerating. I didn’t have this problem in the suburbs where I live. So I’m beginning to think there is some radio interference when riding downtown.

I’ve also read some stories about the first gen Raptor1s having problems with the carbon fiber lid causing interference. However, I do think I have a later generation lid, but I’m not 100% certain since I bought the board used used on this forum.

Based on consistency of where my dropouts occur, I’m guessing its prone to interference from specific frequencies

that’s what I thought

@psychotiller have you had dropouts with the steez v2?

The interesting tidbit is that you had an RF shielded VESC (FOCbox). I was originally thinking it could have been a crosstalk interference issue, but I guess that’s not the case. Has anybody attempted extending the antenna? Perhaps it’s a weak signal.

Ben, see if you can ride around the dead zones, but hold the remote really close to the board… maybe even crouch more.

Edit @dAeM0N1K3 do you have pictures of how you wires the Bluetooth module to your FOCbox?

did that. Placed the remote literally on the board. No help

I had a customer send one back to me not too long ago because he said it had a weak signal. It tested out alright though…

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I had the same problem with the same remote. My problems were caused by induction noise.

I made sure the signal lead (cable from receiver) and the receiver itself are nowhere close to the 3 phase wires that go from the Vesc to the motor. Cleared the problem right up.

Looking at your picture, I see that the signal wires are actually right next to the cables carrying AC current… In two places.

I suggest you try to run the receiver leads as far away from the motor leads as possible and try again. Or you can try to shield them somehow.