MBS MATRIX II truck failure

The Top Truck broke! While riding gently at slow speed. They are almost brand new. I received them two or three months ago. No abuse. I dont not trust them anymore.

Please E-TOXX or 3DSERVISAS, make alu Tops for this truck!





@Kug3lis @Nowind

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We would need someone to provide a baseplate for it to be made out of aluminum…


@Kug3lis No problem because the baseplate is quite shit euh I mean cheap it costs only 13 dollars. Would you like to have it shipped to 3DSERVISAS?

Or would you need not only the baseplate but the whole truck?

Is your hanger on backwards? I think the Matrix lettering should be facing out. I don’t know if this makes a difference, but I’m curious if you did that on purpose, or if they came that way.

A new fullmetal top truck for the matrix II i think would be better with a bearing/kingpin system like the matrix 1 has, this should stop people going through tramps hat bushings so fast, if i was gifted like you lathe kings :slight_smile: i would double the bearings to four bearings on one kingpin with spacer rings/washers for the two inner position top truck bearings, more or less a beefed hybrid of the good bits of both trucks… :thinking:

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If the price is right I’d buy that right away.

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Anyway, bro any other damage caused by the truck failure? i hope not, it kinda sucks having this in the back of the mind now as having matrix/plastic on mine as well, the thought of losing the pricey bit of my build at speed aint good at all… :sweat::worried::grimacing::anguished:

Yeah, I would buy an aluminum version of this truck today if available.

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Why do they even make it in nylon that is a dumb idea

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@Mobutusan : yes the hanger is backward because of the way the mount is screwed on it. It’s the way the OVERION motor mount is done.

Anyway, there are at least two bubbles in the nylon, that should be plain. Those are measured 14 et 4 millimeters.




@Nemesis : because of the extreme mobility of the hanger, I damaged the deck a little in several sites.





If no one on here makes you one, almost any machine shop would take this on. It will cost but have like 20-100 made and sell them

Wow that is a pretty big void in the plastic in a crtical area. The problem is there would be no way to detect or inspect for that type of issue until failure occurred.

So probably a one time qa issue and no reason to have these made in Alu for 100x the cost?

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@Maxid : maybe I was the unlucky guy because it’s the first time someone here shows a broken Matrix 2 truck.

But as I said there is not only one but two bubbles in the plastic. Maybe more. It costs 13 dollars so it’s quite cheap but at 30 mph (and maybe even less) its failure may have harmful consequences.

Actually that’s not so cheap considering that TRAMPA INFINITY full alu baseplate is only 26 dollars.

Because of that 13 dollars plastic part, I could have damaged the motors and maybe the FOCBOXes. Not a good deal.

Not a good sign regarding the strength of MBS F5 ladder straps, that are full nylon too.


Not sure what you mean - if it would be made out of alu a QA issue like this would have had the same outcome of broken motors or whatever. The thing is you probably “just” got unlucky and the issue is not a real issue. Get a new baseplate for 13$ and be happy that in total you only paid what would be one Trampa baseplate. I am pretty sure you won’t have any problems again.

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I also got an isolated defect on one of my MBS Matrix 2, the axle was locked down and impossible to remove even with a hammer. So far, I’m riding my MBS Matrix 2 as hard as I can, on urban situations, stairs and they are still in good conditions. This one is probably a QA issue that can happen in the production line.

As a side note but a bit related to this, I’m working on a personal project that I should be able to show you guys really soon, just need to wrap the last things, finish the prototypes, capture feedback and make it reality. By looking at the latest challenges few of us had with some brands to which we have given visibility, it’s time to offer alternatives and for some, take the power back. Of course, this will be more costly but I’m a strong believer that was my mate @kaly is actually doing is the right thing and I can’t wait to see what he’s gonna pull out and rock one of his upcoming deck in Paris.


@Maxid : that’s certainly what I’ll have to do (motor mount machined for Matrix2…) and I’ll be happier than what you say because I’ll more likely have the new baseplate for free as a replacement (bought two months ago) and it’s impossible that I’m the first guy that breaks a Matrix2 baseplate for the second time. :rofl:

The plastic baseplate concept never really worked vey well. Those baseplates are on the market since 2004 or 2005 and the problems are well known. Elongation of material, invisible cracks, glass fibres giving up, air bubbles in the thicker sections… The Baseplate is a part that is expensive to make, so plastic injection mounding is a way to reduce cost in production. The downside is the weakness of the plastic. Some pro riders are swapping this part on a daily basis when riding hard in downhill competitions.

Since this part is safety critical, I don’t think that plastic is a good choice. You can’t really inspect the part for cracks and air bubbles. It will simply fail at a certain time of use. I prefer parts that start to bend or develop play before they fall apart. This way you get the chance to replace a worn part before it finally disintegrates.

How long the baseplate lasts is a matter of the bushing hardness and ride style. Harder bushings kill the baseplate faster.


I’ve searched the internet for a variety of different descriptions other than what they call it (top truck) and there are hardly any reports of these failing (I found one thread).

In fact, it would appear that most people posting about cracked matrix top trucks actually prefer it over the Vertigo trucks. Matrix breaks (13 USD part), Vertigo bends. But that goes in line with your philosophy.

Discussion: https://www.surfingdirt.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4690