Mbs matrix pro handling

I’m just starting to use these mbs matrix trucks but it seems no matter how hard i lean it only goes straight. Is it the egg bushings that stop that?

Even if you removed the bushing and springs you can’t turn if the trucks are mounted level.

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Do you have them mounted to a flat deck?


You’re kidding. Good thing I’m getting a trampa deckthen

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Look at the truck design haha if you hold it flat, there is no way for it to turn

The board will just tilt in place

Never said i was smart lolz. Normal trucks don’t needto be at an angle. Didn’t study these enough i suppose


Haha it’s an honest mistake :joy:

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I had my matrix 2 trucks on a 20° tipped deck and just switched to a 30° tip deck yesterday and the turning is a world of difference. You will be much happier with the new deck!

Anything that turns will be an improvement lmao


Street trucks are already at an angle, typically 50 degrees. Mountain Board trucks are at 0 degrees because most mountain board decks are 20-35 degrees at the truck mounting position, which put the trucks at whatever angle the deck is.

Look at Kaly or Colab decks if you want some epic.



Theres a mob called Haero making some sweet decks too


Colabs pretty damn rare. Snag it while its in stock.

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I’ve been following that project but told myself I’d never get burned on a crowd fund again :cry:

Looks like a sweet deck. Interesting if they actually get boards out in August…

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I have a haero on order… last update September. Looking forward to comparing it with DWII and Colab

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I just bought my dw2 moments ago :smiling_imp:


I know that @okp has one so that’s gotta be a good sign!

Ill likely pick one up if its successful and they have them on the shelf one day

image Colab x mbs. Gonna do a deck swap this weekend


I like the colab a lot. Was a bit too pricey for me though. Let me know your thoughts on it in the good place


Finished the swap… too tired to do a real test ride… feels like a magic carpet… so wide



Looks like a dream to ride! How wide is the dw2 vs the colab?