Mbs rockstar pulleys htd

i want to buy used aluminium pulleys for my duaL set up with mbs rockstar hub wheel

Did u ever find pullies or anything I have these and am having issues


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Or 3D printed. Could make you stl file if you need, but for this I need to know the distance of the screws and how much teeth. I printed mine for superstar with petg holding up like 300km but sooner or later the teeth will wear off


I have a printer and petg I can take measurements if u show me what distances u need

From the center of the rim to the center of one screw. The other holes are calculing by there own. Those screws are m4? You will need than probably longer screws but that’s all. Also let me know how much space you have from the inner rim corner to your motormount. I made mine 25mm and the 15mm belt sit perfectly. If you wanna use 20mm belts or your mounts sit more close to each other than on mine I need to make them more deep.

4cm is the distance

I’ll also be using mounts from janux, I dont have them yet, @marcmt88 do u know the distance between rim and ur mounts?

Do your mounts have a crossbar? Or can be adjusted individual?

Has a cross bar

I suppose I can leave it off to adjust it freely and make a new crossbar if need be

You want to use 15 or 20mm belt?

15mm preferably, unless 20mm is better?

Bigger is always better :crazy_face: If you have stuff for 15 stay with it. I also have only 15 and happy with those

I have 15mm drive pullies rn

but if u make a 20mm wheel pulley that leaves me room to upgrade my motor pullies in the future

Pm me your e-mail i‘ll Sent you something over when i‘m ready. 66th is ok? Test print in low quality to check if everything will fit. I‘m make you a 30mm pulley. If you find out that it’s to wide or too slim just let me know. It’s just one click to change it. More important that the hold pattern will fit

Just post it here so everyone can find it that needs it, I’m sure I’m not the Only one looking for this pulley lol and I always print in “vase mode” for fitment test… it prints only outer walls no infill

I can’t upload files here and I don’t have thingivers yet…that’s why. If somebody else need thsn just also pm me. No problem to share image

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Oh okay [email protected]

I’ll post to thingiverse if u want and share it here and on the 3d print files post

Feel free to share where ever you want. Files are on the way. Let me know if it’s fit or not :wink:

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