Merrick M1 |Caliber II 44's| 1x 6374 190kV| 10s 5Ah Lipo| VESC-X| Nano-X| Clone 97mm| JuniorPotato 36T Gear by Genex| BLR Franken Rodder Deck

Here is my first exploration into the Eboard experience! I have tried to build a fast, reliable single motor setup for commuting around SoCal. I have bought some components but the build is not yet finalized. Nano-x is on order as well as the VESC-X! I just got Jlabs 6374 in and at the sight of it I was compelled to spend the rest of the money needed to get this board rolling. That motor looks so powerfull! It looked smaller in the pictures. I have to wait for VESC-x to ship.


I think 10s would work well but it’s up to you also i believe that 10s is recommended for the v-esc.

Man, it is so hard to build a board right now with parts like the BMS and VESC being so close to having new iterations. Should I get the bestech 10s BMS? SUpower BMS? or wait for JTAG?

IDK man it is i’m in ur position too :smile:

Parts begin to arrive 5x2s 60C Hardpacks

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I chose the Franken Rodder deck and I have been pushing it around waiting for the VESC_X and a bunch of other parts. I also chose the name M1 before the stinkin inboard came out. Decisions…

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Why did you go with hardcase? Aren’t those more prone to breaking even though they are cheaper for some reason.

I have a bunch of rc trucks that use the same battery haha. So these packs can go in my rc cars for some weekend fun. Some 2wd SC10’s and a XXX buggy. I went with a hardcase because I like the extra protection and simply availability. I don’t know what you mean by the hardcase packs breaking. But if I didn’t have RC cars, I would prefer an 18650 pack. Future build…

Hey brotha like your vision for your board. I’ve also ordered my parts and am patiently waiting. The only part I haven’t ordered was my lipos and battery charger. How is the 10s working for you? Also, the B6 is a real popular charger but I’m looking st the Turnigy TT6080 AC Lipo charger. Anyhow, hope you get back to me regarding the 10S lipo, looking for some perspective. :grinning: Take care!

I craigslisted my hyperion eos charger and bought a charging board from Hobbyking. Ideally I would get the BMS from besttech or whoever and a 10s 18650 li-ion battery pack from @barajabali , diy, enertion or ??? or make my own. Since I had a charger already from rc cars, these lipos are a cheaper option for me and they are familiar for me to get started with. I am working on sourcing some sort of bms with an 18650 setup to enclose under the M2. As far as I know, 12s is the listed max for the Vesc and other parts so I dropped it to 10s for reliability. But I have an extra battery to try out 12s as well.:imp::rocket: Also I wonder how a 15mm belt setup would work compared to this 12mm setup since I only plan on 1 big motor.

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Thanks for the input! I fly drones as well so I’m familiar with Lipos. As for now :ok_hand:t4: I’m gunna stick to the (2) 5S or 3 3S 5000 mah. I’ve been seeing more and more threads talking about BMS’ with there set-ups. Is a BMS required or optional with running batteries in parallel :thinking:? Do you have any recommendations for YouTube tutorials or links from the thread about BMS’? Thanks again. :+1:t4:

Couple more parts in. Super Swiss 6 balls and the Juniorpotato 12mm 36t gear printed by @Genex.


those hard pack lipo’s are overkill! i’ve been using 12s with no problems but 190kv would put you at 67k erpm . above 60k is not recommended.

haha yes the packs are overkill. But they also go in my rc cars which makes this board even cheaper for me. Can you explain what makes them overkill for the eskate purpose? The C rating right? Ah yes, I should not run 12s on this 190kV motor then. 170kV for 12s?

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The BMS is 1)a charger 2)possibly an anti spark switch replacing vedders 3)an extra safety feature for discharging/charging…I dont understand the BMS protections thoroughly. 4)not required

You can use a hobby charger and a Loop key/ 12s rc helicopter/plane anti spark switch/ vedders spark switch and still have a working board

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yea mostly the high C is more than you ever need at 10s/12s. and the cost.

170kv would work. i use 149kv.

If you want a 10s4p pack I’ll give you a discount on the current price. I spotwelded one last week and the customer changed their mind on size. So I want to get rid of it. Comes with bms charger ollin board co switch percent display etc.

I can also just charge you for the welded cells if you want to do it yourself


Gotcha, thanks! Yeah, I have the VESC ordered and the description said it has a BEC. I was planning on a xT90 loop key for the time being.

A HA! I’ve done it! Look at what a pile of parts has become! A 25+Mph Bomber! I hit 25 in beginner mode today on the maiden voyage so there should be even more speed! For now, pics or tricks. :heart_eyes:

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Ill get the spreadsheet of parts updated on here soon. One change Id like to make is to get the bestech bms so I can avoid taking the batteries out to balance charge. And get my Neopixels on.