Mid-range pintail | 1x 260kV | Turnigy VESC | 8s1p | Belt drive | unique wobble suppression

Hello :raising_hand_man: Reading on this forum has been spectacular so far. I’m building my first esk8 which will fit in a half-locker at my university’s gym. It’ll have a knock-off pennyboard deck that I already own… I’ll be fine!

Could someone please do a sanity check on my parts list?

1x Zippy compact 6s 5000mAh

KEDA 195kV outrunner

X-Car Beast 120A




Trucks and wheels https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Cal-7-Longboard-Flywheel-180mm-Truck-Bearing-83mm-Black-Skateboard-Wheels/263173290839?hash=item3d4659bb57%3Ag%3APaoAAOSwkthZpH03&_sacat=0&_nkw=83m+longboard+wheels&_from=R40&rt=nc

I don’t have much room under the board for parallel batteries; online calculators estimate ~10km. The calculator also spit out a measly 18.5km/h loaded max speed. Max road grade of 70%. My thoughts:

  1. I do not want loads of speed anyways on this minimized deck; want to replace kicking and a little bit more
  2. This config gives me peace of mind with the medium hills in my area… right?
  3. This can get me to my gym back and forth 3x in one charge, that’s not bad

The reason I’m using a noisy-braking x-car instead of this guy from ebay, is because I want the ability to control my PWM from a microcontroller.

That brings me to the feature which may or may not have been implemented in the past. I will interface an MPU 6050 gyro to measure angular velocity on the roll-axis to characterize, detect, and suppress speed wobble by applying the brakes. I have the general pipeline in mind and I can’t wait to start prototyping!

How concerned should I be about footbite on this small deck?

Thanks a million!!1! :pray:

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Hi there and welcome. Get a higher C battery, like 60C at least to minimise sag. It will be a huge pia to adapt the mount on those trucks. If using that mount, go with their trucks. But with their trucks, you can’t use that eBay wheel pulley unless you shave inner diameter by 3mm. Also that 11T motor pulley is complete garbage, it feels light as paper. Get another one. How about enclosure? If you want to go for cheap but still rideable, you could buy pretty much everything from @dickyho Here & Here

One thing I noticed is the mounts. They are designed to have 63xx motors mounted to them, while the motor you have is 5663. You are already buying mounts from Hobbyking, why not also get one of their motors? You could also get a VESC instead of that X-Car ESC and take advantage of customizability as well as using sensored if you were to buy those.

Of course all of this involves increasing budget and I can understand your reluctance to do so

Thanks for the response! I will cart a different battery. Hm, looks like Turnigy’s trucks are sold out, do they re-stock if it doesn’t say ‘back-order’? Any suggestion for a truck variety? Just for my own understanding, what is your concern with the ebay trucks?

Also for my understanding, what do you mean by light as paper? How do you know it’s trash? Own one?


Looks like the KEDA has two sets of face mounting holes, will they not work with the mount? Hard to say without a technical drawing.

Edit: Oh, I see. The outermost holes of the KEDA are not as far out as the mount’s. Any objection to this motor as a replacement?

That one looks good to me

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One thing to consider is that even though you may be comfortable on a penny board at your current speeds of push riding, if your purpose of converting the board is to become more efficient in travel, you may have a a problem on your hands. Even at only five mph higher, a really small board (such as a penny) the board is often referred to as a “death stick” for the reason that they often don’t handle well and are unstable. Now I am not a shortboard hater, I am constantly trying new trucks, wheels and different deck sizes in order to make a shortboard that suffers less of thee downsides. Until somebody comes up with a better way, the perceivably only way you are able to ride you board is at only slightly higher speeds than the speeds you have already been doing. So my suggestion is to measure your locker and then find the largest possible board you can fit in it as because, sadly, bigger is better. (or hell, maybe even a folding Eboard?) Gl on your build!

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My friend stick to the tried and tested vesc please and messing around with a gyro that will correct your braking when leaning is a surefire way of making like superman. Be careful please.

Also go for a graphene lipo. As high an ah and c rating as you can get. those turnigy graphenes are in a different league when dealing with sag. 2 years ago I re-purposed an old lead acid fiik board with 2 3s graphenes a 280 kv brushless and a mamba max car esc. It was very pedestrian compared to current tech but almost zero voltage sag. braking was either on or off though and accelerating while moving was a snatchy experience. Use vescs and if you are going to use lipos then graphenes all the way. Really not sure about the gyro though but hey I’m sure people were like mate don’t do it to Mr Vedder in the beginning. Good luck!

The previous motor actually is a 6356 motor, HobbyKing have just mislabeled it on their website. I have two of them on my dual board.

Edit: all of the parts will work fine. That is almost the exact same as my first build.

I have experience with these parts and would reccomend you to get that eBay esc instead or a Vesc. Also like others have said the mount will be hard to fit to the trucks, so either another mount is needed or different trucks. Also that battery will be fine for a low power board like this. Good luck

[Here](7.25inch Black Skateboard Trucks Aluminium Longboard Bridge Skateboard Parts Skate Board Trucks http://s.aliexpress.com/z67n2IVj?fromSns=Copiar para a área de transferência) you go HK trucks. I don’t have concerns about durability, only about which Riptide bushings can you upgrade to, ask Brad @Alphamail. I had the kit, motor pulley is trash, no quality at all.

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I have this motor, I had HK mount. I managed to mount 6364 keda to it but the circlip on the shaft doesn’t fit the opening on the mount. So the only solution was to get 17mm bolts I think and at washers between the mount and motor to create space for circlip. Also you’ll need to file 2 flat spots on the shaft for knurled point grub screws

Throwing wide reverse Kingpin trucks on a penny board is going to feel really awkward and probably have a weird turning radius. If this is what you want to do I would highly recommend trying to borrow a pair of longboard trucks from a friend and throw them on your penny board and just try rolling around on it for an afternoon. With something as small as a penny board, Hub Motors would save you a ton of space for mounting under the deck.

Yeah I should also go for thr ebay esc instead of the car esc. It’s smoother and cheaper

@Matrom are you set on the penny board merely because you have it and it’ll fit in your locker or are you really wanting a epenny board ? Would something the size of one of the oversized penny boards work? I have a practically brand new arbor pocket deck not getting used. I’d be willing to hook you up with it for cheap if you thought it would help.

@Skunk just for the compactness. Here’s an image for reference: image

A folding board would work too and would look super dope and I might just save my neck. That raises more questions like should I saw my pintail in half or go buy some baltic birch wood like others on this forum.

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Damn that’s a small locker…

That’s the same sized lockers I have to use at school :frowning: Anyway may I recommend you a BMS. It will end up being the same price or cheaper than that other charger and will be a lot more convenient. It might be hard to wire at first but then will only require one plug to charge.

Cheap BMS modules can be bought on eBay or amazon for really cheap ($15). Just make sure that the overcharge feature is at 4.2v and that it balances the cells at 4.2v as well otherwise it may harm the cells.

Good luck with the build and I want to see how it turns out as I’ve got a similar build coming soon

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I´m doing the same thing soon with my pennyboard for fun and science! Get a cheap hub motor with axle from china, use a vesc, use something like a 6s2p out of 30Qs and you have one of the lightest and coolest cruisers around.

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Is this esc not a vesc? I only ask because I need to control using a micro controller, I’ve seen this done on the forum with vesc+arduino+uart Thanks!