Milwuakee / Torque Board Motors budget build advice

Hi Gang, New here, been watching and studying for a while and finally have the time to dive in. Below is what I’ve spec’d out for my first budget build (if this goes well I intend on going the mountainboard route eventually). I’d appreciate those with more experience letting me know if this is feasible. Thanks in advance, I’m here to learn! First Budget Build:

You have a lot of bad choices here.

The first bad choice is choosing DIY because you think it’s cheaper. It’s not cheaper, it’s more expensive. “Buy nice or buy twice”.

A lot of these components will probably break, you haven’t even mentioned the three most important things, those wheels suck, bolt on pulleys are terrible and typically nothing but endless headaches and you’ll soon toss those and buy real press-fit pulleys, which means also buying new trucks and belts, and that battery is going to be the most underwhelming thing ever. Motor mounts that use grub screws to keep them secure last about 200 meters before they start failing in my experience.

I would strongly suggest you buy a cheap piece of crap (already built) board over trying to build on this budget and mindset, you will likely have better long-term results.

Mkay- I go the purchase route before building a board later, what, in your estimation, is the most worthwhile prebuilt “piece of crap” I could start with? I assume that category falls well below even a cheaper Meepo board.

Maybe something like this?

Not really a piece of crap but definitely cheaper than a DIY.