Mjölnir Pintail 40'/GC deck/Tacon 160 Bigfoot/Focbox/ TB 218/ MBS 100/X Things

Just started my 2nd. build… ‘Thor’s Hammer’ (which will pass my 1st. build before that one is finish). 'am all exited now. As many of you friends already know my technical abilities are very limited, have very little battery knowledge and few tools at hand. Like some did before me, I first came to this forum knowing zero about Esk8. Today I can say almost everything I know about the hobby I learned in this forum. I made very good friends like @marcmt88, @b264 or @Eboosted (and so many others) who supported me all the time.

This board was originally tasked as my LDP trainer to push around the Baby Area while I was building my Mauna Supercruiser 44". As it turned out I couldn’t resist the temptation and decided to motorized the Pintail as well, immersing myself in this DIY maelström which is like a drug :yum:

I will start by telling you that one of the first cosmetic accessories I thoroughly researched for this build was the so-called ‘X Things’. Instead going for a CNC custom print job I found a chinese provider for these X Things that I just love. They are about 3 mm thickness; thick enough to Torque them down but so thin as to sit very flat over the deck, strong enough to hold the truck’s base plate and all its bolts very tight without bending, plus the good look X’s gives. I don’t know if most of you agree with me or not but they definitely match the board vintage style since the start.

The deck is an original bamboo Goldcoast 44" shortened to 40" before I owned. It got this old racy look now which I like a lot. Bells and whistles from the beginning: redwood varnish below and spar urethane clear coat on both sides; TB 218 with 63 mm Reversed Mount; rubber risers; Tacon 160 Bigfoot 245 KV; 15T motor and 44T Acetal Delrin pulley (@marcmt88); MBS 100 mm and off course the beautiful black chinese X Things (new school & countersunk bolt heads) that everybody likes today.

Second build began last night…


You need the motor mounts, what are you going to use?

What motors? What battery?

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The same TB 63 mm reverse motor mount you use on Darth Maul ! (as well as the same trucks and the same wheels) I’m following your example bro. …Oooh, and a Tacon 160 Bigfoot, littlle fella the size of an avocado!


This thread has been over due for a while now. Excited to see you finally getting to it.

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Yeah Arveen. Limited founds (sometimes :yum:), limited tools, limited knowledge, limited time… limited everything! I’m not as savy as most but there I go… baby steps bro. :blush:

I’d get way narrower trucks. With trucks that wide, you’re not going to have the greatest time trying to carve with that setup.

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No worries. I don’t intend to carve or run like a speed demon. Cruising is the goal.

Just received the Focbox. I thought there was nothing inside the box. Weights like a hummingbird. I cannot believe this is the same gadget people spilled on a river of ink. If it works, it works. If It fails, it fails, then to the garbage. Will never spend a dime on tech support … no… way.

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So. What else you need to start?

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Battery (considering Zippy 8000 mah 3S1P 30C x4) and Enclosure my friend. Plus a steel wheel pulley …(I think will get that one from Alberto Ferrer), belt, BMS.

Mighty avocado Bigfoot taking charge of things now…

…I thought these TB reversed mounts were large @Eboosted ? Is my impression or the Pintail makes it look tiny?


Absolutely stunning :wink:

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Cheers Tony! 'am very exited here. Summer is around the corner, cannot wait to hit the bricks.

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If I were you I’d mount the motor in the front of the rear truck


Why? whats the reason behind that doctrine? Darth Maul has the same system facing rearward! :thinking:

Because with the motor at the rear you will loose the kicktail functionality, it will scrape when you lift the board with one foot.

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No, I’ll never do that. Is not my idea for esk8boarding. On the contrary, I think the motors are better proctected behind the truck than at front.

So your running 12s on a 245kv tacon?

Yes man, most likely 4 bricks. 'am building this thing as it goes. Last thing will be the batteries. I set my eyes on (4) four Zippy 3S 8000 mah 30C Lipos. There’s the 12S. My friend @Eboosted is trying to convince me otherwise to go for Li-ions but those are a complete hassle (for an inexperience guy like me)… spot welding, metal strips, soldering, fish paper…on and on and on… a thicking bomb that will blow up at any given moment on my inexperienced hands. No thanks, baby! Lipos come already assembled and you just forget about all that S…!

@Eboosted got a zillion kilometers of building battery experience, and look what even happen to him with his custom Li-ions. In mi hands it will be worse, like a Molotov Cocktail!..




(Sorry Alan, I didn’t want to bring painful memories but I felt obliged)

No worries man!

The Li-Ions nature are not what makes a battery kind dangerous though, a LiPo is as dangerous as Li-Ions if not more, if there is a short or bare nude positive wire dancing inside your enclosure any board will caught fire.

Li-ios are known to be more stable and less prone to disbalancing, if build correctly they will be safer than LiPos.

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