More $40-$55 Motors from Banggood (5045 200KV, 5060 280KV, 5065 200KV, 6368 280KV)

All of these motors have a similar (if not the same) design to Chaka’s motors and Evolve’s GT motors.

$40.99 5045 200KV Sensored with Keyway

$41.99 5060 280KV with Keyway

$55.49 6368 280kv Sensored with a threaded shaft

$43.99 5065 200kv with Keyway and Pulley

$49.99 6368 280kv


What ESC would you use with that?

I would use a FVT 120a ESC. That one you can also order from Banggood. You should also be aware that these motors do not fit most of the common used motor mounts. You will have to make your own.

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Refferal links… Just great :slight_smile:


And I asked them a month ago if they would be getting any different kvs and they said no… then I spent about $80 USD on a custom one from China…

@OskarCastrone Thanks! you saved me a headache!

Anyone have any update about these motors. I just ordere a 6368 280kv from them. I really don’t know how this motor will work with my 2 to 6s goolrc 120A esc. I am only running a 6s battery. Maybe I should have order a 5065 200kv instead.

@Wilsonliang777 please post a review, once you get it/them!

@paragon I actually wanted to create a similar topic and ask if anyone has tried them yet? But gladly, the search baloon opened and showed you have already created a topic for this!

Anyways, price looks really good, considering they are also sensored… just hard to tell what the customs fee might be… if it does show up…

Too bad the 63’’ ones does not come with lower kv… Though, these 5065 looks like could be a really good solution for low cost dual drive :slight_smile:

So yes - if anyoe has them, could you give a review? Interested in - are they reliable, are the bearings / shaft in similar quality like sk3?

That 5065 motor looks familiar. Interesting…

Still no reviews? I found them on aliexpress… where it seems like the same (one) seller is selling them through 5 different shops of his… (the text desciption in all the listings is the same)…

I ordered a 6368 and still waiting for delivery. Maybe next week.

Banggood also has his cheap esc. Only $25

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that is a helicopter esc - don’t be surprised if you don’t have brakes in the end…


Ordered the 6068 motors will update how they are.

I got a few of the 140kv motors in the 5065, all of the plugs and dimensions are exactly the same as the evolve motors. I haven’t tried them on the board so cant comment but visually identical.

uh, if they are quite the same as evolve… then I believe evolve is charging at least 100 extra for each motor :smiley: The power of branding and your own company I assume

Evolve ones are sensored and no mention of that for the banggood ones. I think Evolves are custom but these are awesome for spare parts etc!

they are sensored :confused: - there are pictures and the data sheet even shows the plugs.

Ahh ok, is that what the smaller multi wire plug is for? the small white one? Sorry, i’m pretty new to this stuff! but yea, dimension wise and materials wise they look identical :slight_smile:

Exactly! :wink: