Motor and truck width noob questions on first build

  1. I’m planning on using dual 6384s or 63100s. Any issues with the extra width of the 100s to consider? How to get wide enough trucks?

  2. How do you figure the minimum width for trucks? I want to use 6" tires, so what would the minimum truck width be?

  3. I’m planning on using dual 63100s/170kv: I’m thinking 170kv instead of 190kv. Given the same motor brand and physical size, a smaller kv gives more torque with same battery, correct? I will be riding in a hilly area and weigh 180lbs (82kg).

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Do you know why you want to use these motors?

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You add the distances together.

pulley width + motor mount plate thickness + motor length + motor length + motor mount plate thickness + pulley width, and then add some millimeters for extra space because not everything will be touching.

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My advice is to start here.

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I looked at a lot of boards online, and I want to make sure I have enough torque and err on the side of getting a large enough motor. People mentioned it’s better to have too much motor than too little, and I agree.

I’m have a lot of trouble deciding on a deck, and I was planning on using lipos, but I sees that many are using liions because of the flex as you mention.

As for helmet, I normally don’t ride with one. If I do, I was planning on just using my inline/biking helmet.

Thanks for the feedback!

Understood. I didn’t know if there was anything about the wheels being used that would matter. I saw that some motors can be mounted underneath or behind and there are variables like you said for pulley widths and plates.


You absolutely need to use a helmet when you ride.

Many of us are still around to help you, because of them. Some of us aren’t around any more because we didn’t use a helmet.

I smashed my head into a curb last week at full speed, despite being a very, very seasoned skater with years and years of experience. And I just got up, brushed off, and skated home to treat my roadrash. Instead of dying right there on that road.


I don’t ride with one either and it seems I get a lot of haters because of it, but I don’t care. I’ve been skateboarding for 30+ years and am always aware of my surroundings. Ive always been rebellious and am not gonna wear one unless I decide there is a reason for me to. I’ve taken my fair share of spills myself and picked myself up brushed myself off and skated home myself even though I didn’t have one on. Noone is going to convince me to wear one. Maybe I’ve got a deathwish idk, but I’m not afraid to die, Im old now anyways, 48, but I do recommend to anybody else to wear one especially if your inexperienced. But if not just know that there are a few out there that feel some kind of brotherhood or camaraderie cause they share the same raw attitude as you. Helmetless with attitude, toughness, mixed with respect towards others and their choices and the knowledge to know to give others the space to do as they wish as long as they don’t try to force their ways on me. I rarely go down period these days. I run it out at all cost when I do flu off my board cause I usually get braked down quiet a bit before I fly. I ride at an average speed of 32mph max daily hit a new high of 35.3 yesterday and stabile as could be on my diy with riptides, I don’t just like to ride fast but I do love riding fast, I also like just cruising alot too 20-25 mph carving on and off road just everywhere. I absolutely love esk8 it has given me new life, without it I’d rather be dead. The day a cop tells me I can’t ride on the roads will be tramatic to me. And I’ve seen plenty of cops but I always do everything in my power to make sure I’m not impeding traffic and am very aware and use hand signals. I’m from Kansas City , MO and there are only a small handful of esk8ers around here at least for now. Probably more one wheelers than esk8, but everywhere I go I feel like I’m famous or something, cause everybody is always looking and blown away and asking questions and curious about it. Woohoo look at that guys board is that electric? Lol yeah thumbs up and I’m gone already boom. Hahaha love it. People in the trail? Boom! hit the grass at 20+ miles an hour and go around em. Can’t get enough. Why am I rambling about all this, cause of the helmet shit everybody is always shoving down everybodies throat. I mean I feel like maybe it’s helmet manufacturers, because I’m getting tired of hearing it. Example someone’s looking to build a new board and they’re asking around about it building a new board and what they need and everything else and their respons is … get a helmet first thing! Come on man, give me an effing break with this shite.

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This was my attitude as well until I was unfortunate enough to have a defective remote and it maxed out my speed to 35mph and slammed into a gate and fell on the back of my head by the recoil and gave myself a concussion. Granted I was only out cold for a few seconds, but this is why I wear a helmet, especially going beyond 40mph. You may find a reason worst than mine.

Lol I keep saying that if you want to be helpful, just answer the question and then give the suggestions. Helmet are a must after going beyond 25+ of course, but at least answer the question.


If OP would like first dibs on brand new Torque Board trucks and motor mounts with Sixshooters wheels for a good price they are yours. Sorry not trying to be off topic but I see you are building a board. These are the 218mm wide trucks and the V7 mounts.

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Way to be a complete worthless jack-off.

Try caring about people around you for a change.

While you’re bleeding out on the side of the road dying, we will be the ones just trying to skate, while everyone is trying to outlaw our way of life, because of people like you.

Maybe try taking care of yourself to help other people, even if you don’t care about self.

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Sorry, but this made no sense. The only thing that is only affected is himself. No one else is affected by it. In fact, depending on where you live, they’ll be happy to run you over.

As long as you aren’t trying to run people over with your board, I think others are fine. People who knows you personally is what you’re trying to achieve here…

No, it’s actually because of people who are drinking and riding their motorized vehicles ehilr not being safe and hitting pedestrians and are causing trouble. Or buying cheap product and it becomes a hazard… Being helmetless is issued a ticket (depends on where) and is an endangerment to one self. This is why many things are being outlawed. But the main reason is lack of safety (which is not a good argument tbh) and Reckless choices. Where I live, someone recklessly charged a defective ebike battery and it burned down their apartment. Now I’m not allowed to have rechargeable batteries at all in my apartment by law.

This is what causes things to become outlawed.

Once more, no one is being hurt. Only you and people who knows you and can be emotionally hurt. Wanted to correct this because this attitude is why people will always look down on others. Safety is important yes, but having this ideal is unhealthy and shows a lack of understanding on many things.

I’m all for choice and allowing their decisions become their realization. But that’s just me. If they refuse to hear things out, they’re on their own.

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Yikes! Glad you’re ok. I’ve been a skateboarder and inline skater for 40+ years. I’ve only ridden an eskate a few times (a friend’s halo board) which topped out at 22mph, and I would use a helmet for going faster than that, but at the lower speeds I probably wouldn’t. So you use one all the time? That’s commendable.

Hey Tony, I appreciate your thoughts. I too love riding without a helmet, but I’ll probably put one on if I’m going to be doing 22+ with any regularity, or maybe higher on a more stable board. And this is coming from a guy who’s inline skated 40+mph (with a helmet). I don’t have a problem with or without. Life’s a calculated risk every day, and while I agree that we should have choice in the matter, head traumas will affect others as b264 pointed out. I agree that the final decision is with the rider, and we should be able to disagree on the riskiness and reasonably voice our concern for fellow skaters and group consequences. Thanks for voicing your passion for skating! You sound like a cool guy to ride with, but 48? That’s not old :slight_smile:

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Damn dude. Glad you’re mostly ok. I’ve seen a lot of posts about defective remotes. I was looking at either a puck or flipsky vx4. Do you have a preference or opinion?


Hoyt puck remote. I have gotten zero issues from it. Most recommended from me.

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@LeonCamero basically everything in your post is false. I am here to help OP with questions, not you. If you want help, send me a purchase order.

That didn’t look like the OP. Care to try again? Also, those weren’t false. But please, tell me your opinionated feelings of disgust and my long search of reasons many things are outlawed.

Definitely would love to see this.

@LeonCamero I am here to help OP with questions, not you. If you want help, send me a purchase order. I checked, but didn’t find one. My rate is $185/hr in 1 hour increments.

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