Motor Can Coming Loose?

Does anyone know what I need to do to fix this movement? This board has gone through just south of 50 miles. I can tell one mount angling down more so I have to redo the loctite there…On my way home from the office just now it didn’t feel right. I hopped off and noticed that the motor can is loose I can wiggle it back and forth.

Is there something loose I need to tighten up?


probably c clip. I completely lost c clip on mine but magnets and mount just holding fine fo me.

Make sure the c clip is on correctly, and if it is, the set screws in the back are loose.

This is a common issue with these motor in the 6374 size. That’s why I have moved away from them. More times than not, it’s the set screws.


@jlabs what set screw are you taking about? Is it that one hex I see inside those vent slots

The motor shaft definitely shifted.


That looks like the set screw at the back that keeps the can and the shaft. check if thats loose

Yep that’s it. The way they have them installed, it’s practically impossible to fix. I literally tried everything to fix them…

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Happened to me with a similar (the same?) motor.

Couldn’t untighten the set screw though, not even with added heat, and eventually it stripped. I had to use a hammer to push the shaft out and then added green loctite to keep shaft in place.


Dremel a flat spot with a cutoff wheel. The reassemble and put the setscrew on the flat spot


Same exact problem for me in the past! If you strip the grubs you’ll have to drill them out. That motor can accommodate up to an m6 grub. To set the shaft to the right depth, you can set the can on a skate wheel, put the spacer and the circlip back on, and gently hammer the shaft back until it won’t go further. If you have to drill, remove the shaft, and use duct tape to cover the motor magnets.

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There is a flat spot on the shaft already, but it’s too long allowing the screw to slide along the flat spot. They should have drilled a hole for the set screw, not a flat spot.


Alot I’ve seen are just round at the back of the can. :+1:

Guess I’m taking the train towards home and riding 3 miles to the house

Hope I can fix this soon. Thanks everyone!


This is what the shaft looks like.


So in theory, the shaft can’t just fly out it the grub screw is not back all the way out?

I’ll try to take it out, clean and apply blue loctite


It sits pretty tight even without the screw, and then add the force of the magnets… It won’t fly off, although it might not run very smooth as there will be some added strain on the bearings?

I noticed that when getting the shaft in place, motor ran a lot smoother with less noise.

It’s a very tedious process… you will for sure have to drill out the set screws because they are so small and brittle. Also, if you push the shaft back in at the slightest angle you will ruin the entire can.


Dude one of my motor is doing exactly the samething. My motor can slides like yours and also the shaft rod shift too. I really hope you can find a way to fix yours

Ok, I got a chance to pull the two set screw out, pressed the shaft back to the correct position, re-tightened the set screws with a make shift torque wrench.

Sadly the can (with shaft) is still moving make and forth. I was only able to pull the motor off so much to peek in without taking off the mount. It does look like the circlip is warped/bent. Does anyone know what size circlip that would be in that thicker park of the shaft? I want it on hand before taking more things apart.


Weld it to the can :slight_smile:

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I had the same problem with the motor of my first build. My solution was to add washers between circlip and pulley then the can with shaft can’t move outwards anymore. Second advantage is that you can re-mount the pulley 100 times and it’s always on the same position as before.

I use washers on all motors to prevent this.

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