Motor can separating... see pics

So I was riding a couple days ago and started to big down and get a crunchy sound and figured one of my bearings was about to fail, no biggie, right… well I stop the board and take the belt off so I can kick home and realized the crunch was gone so it must have been my motor bearings failing… cool, got home and noticed my can was seperating…


So I separated the stator and looked inside and a few of the magnets are out of place and there is debris inside… so my next question is… how do I fix this @torqueboards >_>…

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@Hummie @scepterr @MoeStooge

I got the same thing :(((

I understand how to put it back together I just don’t know how to make sure it stays back together shy of hitting it with my TIG torch lol

I align my motor magnets and still clicking like crazy,dexter doesn’t reply at all,and I got two motors like that

Who is Dexter? And aligning them isn’t enough, the clicking can be a failed bearing or ur mags coming off the can and touching the stator during operation there is a certain compound used to adhere magnets to these cans but I don’t know what it is

Maybe you can try to cold welding the magnets but it’s kinda hard cause you don’t have enough time to put it in magnets it’s sticking to metal

Dexter working for diyelectic skateboard

oh, he does reply, they just have a lot going on rn with their new motors and what have you

Ntm they are getting orders ready for the people on their other thread for the motor mounts coming loose

There’s a locktite product specifically for this. IIRC it is EA-9514. Here’s the product page:

Edit: can’t find it on Amazon. I’ve read that the Loctite 480 will work also. There’s threads about this on rcgroups forum as well

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@PatRocks I’m better off buying new motors

I know,I don’t know where to put it in between the magnets or underneath which is kinda pain to put underneath

LOL, holy shit. That’s unbelievably expensive

Yea… maybe its worth it if i was building motors but not for general repair haha

@apollo383 it goes under the magnets that why the magnets usually peel their coatings off when u separate them from the can

Big mistake buying TB motor 6374 I rather use sk3 aero drive ,but I already spend money on TB

Tbh this can happen to any motor, and to be fair, I’ve ridden over 200 miles on this motor as a single drive… u have to remember nothing does well with heat and these motors get quite hot during operation… u get them too hot and they will fail… ntm the tarmac streets here in Texas are horrible, we have had cars LITERALLY melting in the mid day heat and Arizona is worse


Magnets come loose on those too. It happens, nature of the industry. The Loctite 480 supposedly works it’s a rubberized cyanoacrylate, and is advertised to be specific for this purpose. I bought some, because my motor was making some pretty terrible noises. So bad, that I thought one of my magnets was coming loose. Turns out that the inner bearing on the back of the can was wiped, and about to seize. Long story short, I haven’t used this Glue yet, but the RC guys seem to have had luck with it

Thank you @PatRocks, that I can buy at my local fastenal for 30$… on the bright side… I now have a donor can for more testing of my switching circuit…


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@holyman92 where’s the motor shaft in the photo? Are you running single or dual? Did your motor ever get too hot?

The back end separated and what happened to the motor shaft? If so, the set screws became loose on the back side of the motor.

I don’t know how you ride in Texas… It’s so hot out here.

@apollo383 Send a photo of your build. I’m pretty sure you’re causing stress to your motors. Our team has replied to your ticket. You can’t claim a warranty if your motor is silver :cry: our motors are black.

I can give you guys a discount on a replacement but send me a photo of your build because as I said… you are most likely stressing your motor out.

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@torqueboards its either ride or walk xD… i used to kick before i got the motor setup, and LOTS of night rides haha…

as for the motor, the shaft is attached to the base lol, it wasnt the set screw that cam loose it was the whole can

as for the stator you’re seeing, that belongs to another 6374 i bought from y’all that a rock damaged and bent the can