Motor is pulling 2A and is HOT

Last time I rode the key fell, so I inserted loctite in the small slit between the key and the shaft, and left the motor vertical… the loctite got to the motor. the motor now spins with friction. I haven’t succeeded removing the pulley / key. any idea what can I do? Thanks. next time I will use loctite 648 without any key or screw (and put the motor horizontally), it seems like the easiest way

the motor now uses 4 amps no load without the belt.

Use heat to remove the pulley.

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Best bet is to cut (dremmel / grinder) the pulley off completely and start again.

Maybe you will disassemble the motor after you removed the pulley & Make sure the bearings aren’t thread locked. Or just remove and replace them.

It is possible to install the pulley onto a motor shaft using the key as a wedge. Similar to how axe heads are installed onto handles.

You can also use a ground down, normal bearing spacer (remove 3mm). Place it on the motor shaft before pulley to ensure the pulley stays in correct position when you hammer the key in.

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Heat is the only way to get loctite loose. If you want more localized heat, use a soldering iron.

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also be carefull with heat, don´t let the motor heat up too much. It will loosen the magnets

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You could try it like this:


Have had a similar problem once i glued my Pulleys to the Shaft, and let it dry with the Pulley higher then the Motor…runs into motor… motor turns really hard now I took the brutal way : let the motor run for a while, it melted the Loctide and all was good. You can smell when the Loctide has gone. Do on own risk (-;


Heat it. Butane torch will do it. Bearing puller helps.

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The key is stuck mechanically and prevents pulleying out the pulley.

EDIT: I have test ridden the board and it looks like the loctite wore out. I was probably too paranoidic. Thanks guys for the help.

My setup is 245kv 8s 5Ah. After the ride, the mosfets were cool, and the motor was hot to touch. Is it normal, or does it means that the friction is too high, or something else?

I successfully removed the pulley by removing the bolts that hold the motor to the mount so that the mount is between the pulley and the motor, and then rotating the board so that the motor hangs by the pulley, and then hammering the axle with a chisel. little by little the pulley came out.

then I cleaned all the parts that looked not clean outside the motor, and then I disassembled the motor and cleaned it inside.

the motor now takes 2.5 amps at max duty cycle on current control (50k erpm, no pulley), and the front stator plate still gets too hot to touch for more than 1.5 seconds after 1-2 minutes of max duty cycle (no load). VESC is 35-40 celsius. stator front plate and windings feel like 80 celsius.

bearings feel good. I don’t know what to do, and want to ride so bad after I rode it for the first time :sob:

Maybe the bearings feel good but not. Oil them. To get that hot that quickly without many amps I think there must be friction somewhere Or maybe u have the ramping bug? Someone would know better than me where to find it

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max current ramp step configured ok

VESC version is 4.12, firmware 2.18

EDIT: maybe the motor timing settings are causing this?

Where can I see and change the timing angle? thanks.