Motor issues with vesc

When I test my motor with my computer in bldc my motor does a weird thing as shown in the video.

Can’t post video but it barely moves and makes a weird noise with the bldc tool

Did you do a motor detection?

yes and it doesnt work

it fails thats the video

You need to up the A setting from 6 to 8 and try again. Keep raising the A until the detection works…

what do you mean by a

If it didn’t work, up the Amp number from 6… then try test again.

8 didnt work

Keep going up

what do you recommend

its already at 10 and it doesnt work still

Please check if you have your App disabled (“no app”)

it says current no reverse with brake

It is in the General sub-tab of the app config

its on ppm

Set it to no app. I am sure it is the cause for your problem.

still doesnt work

Did you write the configuration and reboot?

yes and it still doesnt work