Motor mount with dual idlers

Hi, I have been working on a new improved motor mount that I previously design for Caliber II and TorqueBoards 218mm trucks( Below are some of the pics. My mounts are designed and cnc’ed by me to fit 63xx and 50xx motors. They can be used on flywheels up to 90mm. They are available for $50; set includes 1 clamp, 1 motor mount, 1 set of idler (2 bearings) and stainless steel hardware.
Thanks! :point_down:Fits wheel size from 83mm to 107mm… can be customized to fit larger wheel size. :point_down: Fits 50xx or 63xx motors :point_down: Dual idlers :point_down: Sunken dual idler locknuts for easy installation and tension adjustment :point_down: One tool installation and adjustment from start to finish :point_down: available to fit Caliber, TB218mm, Ronin, Paris, Bennett Vector, Surfrodz Indeesz Hex, many more to come… :point_down: Adjustable dual idlers :point_down: 15mm belt setup :point_down: “Sunken” and adjustable idler locknut


Howlong would it take and howmuch would it cost to ship to Belgium?


Can ship out by end of the week. Shipping cost to Belgium is $14 for 1 set or $22 for 2 sets. Should receive package in 10-14 days depending on custom.

Well then I’m in for one, send me your PayPal

Please PM me. Let me know your truck so I can send out the appropriate clamp. Thanks!

oh this loocks nice.

Cool stuff w/ the double idler.

@marcmt88 what was your reason behind putting the double idler on the mount. They look awesome

You only need one idler; it depends on which side of the axle you want to install the motor mount. If you plan to go reverse then installing both top and bottom idlers would not be a bad idea :slight_smile:

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There is one tiny benefit besides number of teeth in mesh - a smaller gap means less rocks going in there on accident. I had a rock go in mine recently


But two idlers are better than one, right? Plus the whole physics of the thing will give you more torque from the belt, no?

you only really get the benefit of one idler at at time, which one depends on the direction the motor is spinning

And you won’t get more torque but it would help avoid belt slippage

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Does this mount work with 97mm tires?

Yes, I can cnc my mount to work with 97mm tires.


Great. So it’ll be a little longer and need longer belts?

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The main benefit of running a dual idlers is minimizing belt slippage and like @b264 b264 noted “a smaller gap means less rocks going in there on accident”. Got to admit dual idlers look cool as hell !!!

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Yes, a tad longer on the motor mount so are the belts.

Would you be able to make a mount for bear grizzlies?

Hi, I don’t have the dimension of the axle for this particular truck. If you are willing to send me one of your truck or have access to spec. I am willing to make the motor mount for you.