Motor overheating

Hey dear community

I have a Maytech 6374 170kv on 12S3P Li-Ion. Today was the first day where it was relatively hot outside (around 26°C) so i thought I take my beauty for a spin… After ten minutes I noticed weird cutting off and braking problems. I saw that my Motor always hit the 80°C Temp Limit. So I let it cool down and chilled my way back home.

The funny thing is - I also changed my motor mount to the carbon fibre mount yesterday. I wonder if this could be related ? Anyone having tips how to fix my problem ? Thanks

try put cpu heat paste btw the mount see if helps. al tho it’s cf so not sure if it will work.

Thanks for the recommendation… but I think it’s not the surface contact that makes problem - more it’s the material itself that does not really transfer heat. I just wonder if anyone else is having similar problems

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I also have cf mount but yet seen any motor problem. tho my motor has large vent holes so it cools really well

My Motor is closed…

It’s strong as fuk - but yeah… seems it doesn’t handle CF Mounts well…

hm try this. but it requires to opening the motor.

Sounds like an alignment issue. If its slightly off, more friction will be caused which means more heat. Try realign and visually make sure that everything looks(and sounds) as it should. Had similiar issue with one of my first motor mounts that i made in metal shop in uni. axles wasnt perfectly parallell


Thanks - but I think with my setup - I shouldn’t be having heat issues in the first place. I chose a high voltage 12S with low KV Motor so that I will never run into these kinds of problems :frowning:

Spin the wheel without the motor being powered and see if it still gets hot. I also suspect it’s a belt alignment problem. Does the belt itself get hot?

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wow i’m so dumb. like others says if the belt is too tight it does over heat really quick.

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The alignment should be ok. I checked it to the best of my abilities. Also the belt will not run to one side of the pulley and stay centered which means it should be aligned quite well. I also use a idler pulley and the belt tension is medium. But granted - it might be on on the tighter side compared to what I have seen on the forums. I will try to reduce the belt tension - however with my mount I don’t have much room - and I dont want to remove the idler…

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Gonna need a Picture from directly above as well, need to see the axles and the belt in relation from eachother. Not sure how much strain the idler does if it’s not aligned properly but could be the culprit. easiest way to see it is if you look directly from above while running the motor.

I have a 190kv motor just like yours and a similar mount, it shouldn’t get that hot with 26 degrees, I’ve run mine at 30+ without problems

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Another thing that can cause your motor to overheating is running the motor max current too high with 12s voltage And it does make sense that an aluminum mount would help by acting as a heat sink.


My Motor Max current is around 60A. But it barely hits 50A (only when I go uphill).

I think it actually might be the belt… However due to my “lowrider” setup I don’t have much space to move the mount around - also It was hard enough to get it fitting to my bear trucks so I cant really re-align the mount part that goes to the truck. However I will try to run it without my idler pulley and see if it will heat up as fast just as sanity check.

If that works I might just order a belt that is 5-10mm longer.

With my old mount I was going around 40 km without a stop and I never came close to 70°C

I think it’s important not to underestimate how deceiving motor peak power ratings are. Your 6374 170kv has a peak output of 3550w. I’m running a 5065 rated at 1600w and it gets ridiculously hot after 10 minutes drawing only 400w. This is with everything setup correctly.

50 motor amps at full duty cycle is over 2200w, which might be pushing things to the limit.

I did some experimenting wit motor max current on 10s with 190kv (actually apx 170kv) 6355s On hilly terrain. 60a 80a 100a I noticed a substantial increase in torque but also an increase in heat with higher settings.


Thanks guys… Just disassembled everything and loosened the belt. Will do a test drive tomorrow as it will get the same temperature as today and report back if it helped :slight_smile:

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Might also consider just using smaller outside diameter bearings to give it a little slack without losing the idler bearings entirely.

What’s your gear ratio? If you geared too low it can lead to overheating, even more on a single drive