Motor stutters, please help

So I just connected my 2x 5s lipos to a bms, charged up my board, and went for a ride. The minute I left my drive way and accelerated, the motor started to stutter, and it threw me off the board, giving me some pretty bad road rash. Like I said, I installed a new enclosure and bms, but the bms is only wired for charge, and I don’t touch the Vesc or motor phase wires at all. If anybody could shed some light on this topic that would be great. Thanks.

screenshot of your vesc settings might help. Did you do a motor detection?

Check and see if one of your phases came lose on your motor.


i also typed faults into the terminal but nothing came up, none of the phase wires are loose and I did a motor detection and nothing all seems well.


Hello, i have the same issue on my new build . Did you manage to find a solution? For me the issue only occurs above 15-20kmh and only when the board is loaded, when pulling the trigger it stutters a lot. So much in fact that i cannot ride it properly.I have more or less the same vesc settings as you and use dual 190kv 6355 unsensored aps motors with 10s5p battery.I will soon test with another battery ,canbus cable and new sensored 6364 motors.

Hybrid sensored?

The motors i currently (try to) use are unsensored. Both motors are stuttering , itried every possible vesc config but the issue persists .Will try sensored hybrid once i receive my order. They should arrive thursday or friday. I will post more infor regarding my vesc settings once i am back home.

Have you tried increasing motor and battery current? Mine seems smoother with higher settings. Maybe it’s in my head though

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yes i tried but will retry this evening.I resetted the vesc settings to the default settings but it remains the same. I am thinking that my battery is the problem. I’ll post an update this evening. Damn it sucks , i waited months to gather all the parts and i still cannot ride it…You also have a similar issue with your board?

Not exactly. I run in foc and it would stutter if I ran sensored at startup until I increased current now it’s buttery smooth. I think I was hitting motor current limit when my board tried to get my heavy self moving. But I’m no expert

hi, I am still having this problem, the same problem as @mikedv. I will also try to increase the current limit.

I tried with another spare 10s5p battery and i still have the same problem… changed motor max and battery max to: motor max 55a motor min -55a bat max : 40a bat min: -12a not sure if it is related to the vesc settings . My motors initially had 5mm banana connectors those were replaced by 4mm (soldered by a profesional as i have 2 left hands) . I am waiting for my new motors with 4mm connectors for a test. Will let you know the results once i’ve received them.

Yeah so I soldered my own connectors onto my motor, but I’ve been riding this board for months with no issue, and then I connected a charge only bms and now it stutters. That was when it started happening. I’m using two 5s lipos with a Vesc.

did you try with only one motor and vesc connected? I did so and at first i only had the issue with one motor the other one was working fine. Later on i tried again and both motors were stuttering . Motor detection is ok , i used the bldc tool terminal and no faults were detected…The next things i will try --> test with new sensored motors , change canbus cable and/or connect both vescs with an y cable . But i really dunno what to try next if that doesn’t solve the stuttering issue. Man , i hope we’ll find a solution soon. This shit is driving me crazy…

Try lowering your battery cutoff values to like defualt 10 and 8, they seem too high and could be the reason your motor is clogging.

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Problem solved!!! i changed my battery start and cuttof settings but as i use li ion and not lipos i tested with following values start cutoff 30V end cutoff 28V

This is thanks to @threebysix , when reading his post i remembered that i changed those values when configuring the vescs for the 1st time and never tried other values, until now :slight_smile: @threebysix , you saved my life mate!


Np my dude.

Will be trying this when I get home from school, fingers crossed!

Thanks again man , going for a nightride now :slight_smile: , finally

I really hope this will solve your problem too, keep us posted!