Motormounts for Trampa MTB, E-Toxx Dual Direct Drive

Hey Guys,

selling here complete new Dual Direct Drive Kits for Trampa Mountainboards :

Gearing 1:5 comes with machined Trampa Vertigo Hanger Axial Sealing Easy access greasing point Support Bearing inside Wheelgear Compact and Strong Low Drag Tire/Wheel chainging without opening Gearbox

!!! Fits Trampa Superstar Hubs and 8mm Motorshaft !!!

DE Shipped : 499€ EU Shipped : 515€ US Shipped : 469€ Ask for other Countries please.

Send Email to : [email protected] for purchase and questions

Example Mounted with 200KV Motors on 12S, VMAX 65kmh :imp: :

Hang Loose Jenso


Arrghhh :smiling_imp:


Whats upp @The_Dude

Be sure I’ll buy one someday!

Where do you have to put the Sugru?

There will be a gap on the connection between Hanger and Mount, easy to fill with Sugru (-;

In this case it was red sugru (-;


Yet another important thing on my must have list - the need is growing with each and every post you make. Arrghh :imp:


insane insanity !


mmmhmm, :santa: sent me the smaller beta version for the urban carver trucks & the new 125mm urethane hub trampa wheels Im so stocked about :nerd:

really fabulous how it doesnt even stick out behind the small 7" wheels. gearing is 10:40


that’s sick !!!

Damn, I must stop looking at @Nowind’s threads, this is too much, I can’t stop drooling all over my keyboard looking at those parts.

Anyway, great work mate, it’s functional, and the thing that defines You is that everything You make has nice, eye pleasing desing.


Got also now Motorspurs for 10mm Bore, like on the Alien Motors. 19€ more for the Dual Drive with this.

Cheers Jenso


I need a nicer camera… haha

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Emailed!!! Ill take two!!!

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I can’t tell here for sure Jenso-

Do you make this for the Urban Carver smaller trucks?

but I couldnt test it yet and not sure how many kilometers jens put into this setup. its VERY unlikely, but maybe it sucks and breaks after a few hundret kilometers :sweat_smile:

Hey. This thread here is for the MTB Drive, means 1:5 Gearing and support bearings inside Spurs. This is well testet and holds up very good.

The smaller 1:4 Drive without support bearing which fits on the Urban Carver Truck is newer, @whitepony is testing it actually, i got it running too.

Which one you are looking for?

@nowind can you please hook me up with two mount setups for a 4wd board i emailed and pmed you wichever is easiest… i have a few basit questions about the setub befor i pull the trigger so i can make this thing work out for me

@ieatflys thanks mate, will reply via email in a few minutes

Right now I am building an urban carver, but am thinking about the next project too. Either Trampa MTB or possibly MBS? I saw you had a system built for that, too