Motormounts for Trampa MTB, E-Toxx Dual Direct Drive

Urban Carver Dual Direct Drive, includet machined Mini Vertigo Truck fits Superstar Hubs, and 8mm Motorshaft, max real 6374 Motors : US Shipped : 459€

MBS Matrix-2 Dual Direct Drive, fits Rockstar Alu Hubs, and 8mm Motorshaft, max real 6374mm Motors 399€

Both are Geared 1:4, 10mm Motorsprockets available for 19€ more for the Dual Kit


Why you do this to me Jenso, those are too damn nice! I wish I could afford these at the moment, but they cost as much as the 12s3p battery i’m looking at :sob:

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A 36 cell battery for 400bucks? You should think about getting a spot welder and make one for half that price.


This is the same conclusion i’ve come to after many many threads over the course of the last 3 months. I’m just not sure about a few things battery wise, as far as the best ones for my specific use. The LG h2s look good but i’ve also heard really good things about the Samsung Q30s. I just want to have the ability to go 30 miles, not that I need to I just want the ability to.

if you are on a budget 30Q - if money does not matter HG2.

Nice Gunmetal Baseplates (-; for a crazy US Quaddrive build …


hey @Nowind thanks for being so kind to me. i was wodering if you were going to post somme pics of my trucks on here they look goof inn the pics u sent me!!! i cannot wait for those interested i may do a build log on my board if anyone is interested please say so and ill get to work on it. cannot wait!!!

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good golly those are beautiful. RIP my wallet lol

Yes my wallet needs a long rest now haha

I’m trying so hard to resist for now. :tired_face:

God I need this. Maybe my wallet will allow it in a couple months. NICE!

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I want one 7147267611 USA cali

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Hey No problem Please send me an PM with your Adress for Shipping and your Paypal Account. I send you a request.

Cheers Jenso

Nice new matte Black colour :


Did trampa change the finish on all black hangers? Or is it a new finish option?

BTW, You’re like one man electric mountainboard factory :joy:

I think its just a little more matte… Yeah one man Army :laughing:

This are some Motorspurs made for the @torqueboards 6374 Motor.

After some Customers needet to modify my standart pulleys this ones should fit directly. Removed the Hub, added a 3mm Keyway and a Setscrew inside the flanges. But as on some other Motors the Motorshaft itself has to be shorten do 27mm. 30€ more for the Dual Drive with this.

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I am becoming a staunch admirer of your work, too the point I can’t get my mind off what will be my first build (second board, once I get a Raptor 2), which would involve the urban Carver kit. How is it holding up so far? In case the bearing-less spur gave way, with time, could it be replaceable? Thanks for the inspiration, no matter what!

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Thanks Mate, happy you like it. Seems to hold up good, of course every part is replaceable ! Cheers

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How is the sound from these compared to belts? And how do they hold up on wear and tear?