Motormounts for Trampa MTB, E-Toxx Dual Direct Drive

This are some Motorspurs made for the @torqueboards 6374 Motor.

After some Customers needet to modify my standart pulleys this ones should fit directly. Removed the Hub, added a 3mm Keyway and a Setscrew inside the flanges. But as on some other Motors the Motorshaft itself has to be shorten do 27mm. 30€ more for the Dual Drive with this.

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I am becoming a staunch admirer of your work, too the point I can’t get my mind off what will be my first build (second board, once I get a Raptor 2), which would involve the urban Carver kit. How is it holding up so far? In case the bearing-less spur gave way, with time, could it be replaceable? Thanks for the inspiration, no matter what!

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Thanks Mate, happy you like it. Seems to hold up good, of course every part is replaceable ! Cheers

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How is the sound from these compared to belts? And how do they hold up on wear and tear?

Sound is not bad IMO, not that super smooth as a belt but ok… Wear is super low, i dont killed ONE … that means its strong as hell Cant tell how long they last for sure… but i guess +1000km

jenso could we see a updated picture of the wear and tear of the gears?

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This are the very first gears, changed them to many differnt versions of the Drive : -Prototypes -Deluxe Alu Drive -Eco Drive - Stainless Steel -Eco Drive - Alu (only for science) -Eco Drive - Steel lightened ( only for science)

So they get mounted/dismounted often, something i would not recomend in general because everytime you will change the position slightly… this will make the gears louder IMO

Anyway the shape is still ok i think, always one new one next to old one for compare :

Feel free to ask anytime Hang Loose Jenso


how many km were on this used set?

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I guess about 500-700km… not tracked every ride In use since october 2016…


shocked at the little wear amazing!!! so do you plan to use alu in the near future?

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Not really. This Stainless Steel lasercutted one is really good as it is i think, also its affordable…

In the beginning of this i had a batch from 5 Deluxe Drives with machined aluminium motormounts, wider clamping, little lighter… price was alot higher but sold quickly…

Maybe i do something like this again as Limited Edition …

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excellent what price we talking for the stainless steel version x2 and uk shipping jenso?

UK shipped is 515€ for one Dual Direct Drive. See post 1 of this tread.

ok cheers jens have one in the near future saving for my trampa mtb right now.

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sorry jens how much without the hanger as ill be using my own ultimate truck?

The Truck need to machined, so you could send me your Ultimate if you want to have this one. 25€ less with your Ultimate.

no way of me to file down the part that goes on the hanger?

You can but i dont recomend this, you risk a bad alignment of the gears which will cause fast wear and expensive replacement of the spurs…

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makes perfect sense jenso by the way since wer on the subject how much does a replacement spur cost?

60€ + VAT for EU customers