Mounting of Trampa skate trucks on flat deck

I have just received my Trampa 12mm skate trucks with Hypa wheels. Really nice! Now the thing is I have a flat deck, and I have seen these trucks mounted on decks with a 15 degrees angle. So I was wondering if it would be a problem to put them straight on my deck (baseplate parallel to the bottom of the deck). Or should I put a pad in-between to have this famous angle. The deck is about 100cm long and is meant for cruising/general commuting Thanks

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if you don’t wedge them, i don’t think they will turn well for you. @Unik has this setup on a small flat board, but i believe he has them wedged. Perhaps he can comment if he tried it without. Again, i bet it’s not nimble enough w/o wedges.


You could buy a normal skateboard style deck and mount the trucks on the kicktails. That would angle the trucks a bit. You could also just cut out some wood at an angle and use them as angled spacers.

Yes, if I have to that’s probably what I’ll do but I won’t change the deck

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Well, I think you have to make a compromise somewhere. The way I see it you either have to get a normal skateboard deck and mount the trucks on the angled kicktails OR get some big ass angled spacers (or make them of wood yourself) OR just buy a mountain board deck.

I think I’ll just go for the angled risers. I had a look and actually they do not increase the height of the deck, which was my initial worry, it just rotates the truck slightly on its axle. And see how it looks if I go for channel trucks.

how did you go? are you making this electric?

Yes, it’s electric, with one motor to start (6374). I have bought the MBS ATS12 trucks instead, which are slightly bigger, and I will put 15 degrees risers (wood ones to see how it goes. Now I need to find the time for all that, plus the battery and figure out how to configure the VESC…

Cool - how did you mount the motor ?

I had planned on using one for MTB that I bought recently, but as I only have one motor I am now thinking of using a more simple one (a plate with a ring).

Hi jga! I’m in exactly the same boat as you- I’m planning a drop-deck with trampa trucks and tires, so I need 35 degree wedges. Slowly but surely, we can see it becoming a standardized part… I’m waiting to see what @Unik comes up with for his group-buy, but failing that, gonna try it myself with aluminum, similar to @paragon and @dinodave. A friend of mine also has access to a 3d printer that can do PC-ABS (poly-carbonate), so I figured, “why not?” and I’m now working on a CAD file for that. I’ll compare all three, and report my findings.

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For me the main problem is how to fix both the wedge and the truck. If you use only one bolt for the two, then your bolt head will be squint on the deck. That’s the advantage of the @unik design: the wedge if fixed to the deck, and then the truck is screwed separately on the wedge (at least that’s what I understood…). That means you need a hollow part in your wedge.

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Anybody tried khiro wedges for this? It’s what I’m planning to use.

If they work well for this, it might be a good alternative or something temporary until @unik finishes production on his final product.

You’re correct about the basic design, it’s generally a sort of “I” profile. Hollowing it out will reduce weight, but also risks weakening the whole part, so plan carefully. That’s probably okay for metals, but I’m going to do my abs version completely solid.

They look good, but where can you find them?

I just checked ebay, plenty of listings for khiro wedges there.

I know, but that’s in the US! I tried to order them from a shop, only 5 USD a set, but then 15,6 USD for shipping! An on Amazon UK they only sell the full set of risers at 50 GBP! I give up. I think I will try the DIY solution for now.

It seems not a lot of uk skate shops stock them, my apologies.

Diy seems to be your best bet right now. At least until @unik finishes his stuff and starts selling it.

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yeah! I’m already using my 35° riser for Trampa trucks on my prototype short AT deck. It’s awesome. So it’s already finished; Got the same for MBS Matrix 2. I just want to get a final version of the prototypes to get better photos and final price list. Maybe I’m doing over quality :slight_smile: just 10 days and we are done :slight_smile: