MTB tires 8'' - share your experience

I’ve got a growing stack of worn down MTB tires. Some last longer than others.

Daily commute to work, 80% off-road with gravel Trampa Treads (hard compound): 300 km MBS T3: 180 km max Clever 80 psi (only found 60 psi version so far on aliexpress) - identical to MBS Vine, which is 80 psi: 1800 km

What is your experience? Which off-road type tires lasted longest for you? Please describe your riding style/typical terrain.

Currently, I am exchanging tires every 2 to 3 weeks, which is starting to get expensive. Would love to know if there are decent hard compound tires out there.

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and a bunch of other MTB riders I may have forgotten.


Ahm riding in city mostly asphalt and etc… my back wheels are eaten pretty good but still ridable I just switched them with front not so long ago :slight_smile:

I was riding first with Primo Alpha from trampa for like 2.5k miles and when switched to full street innova slick cut :slight_smile: those are much better for street but damn slipper on wet…

Wooow bro !!! that’s insane !.. Starting the Darth Vapor in 2015/2016, since I have them, I never changed my tires (But I have switched between 8 and 9") but this two set of 8 and 9" was the Primo Stricker. I don’t ride daily at all. And its mostly trail, dirt or asphalt (maybe 60/40). But it works fine for me in offriding too (if no mud). This year I ride a bit more than before, but I’m far from doing 2500km in a year :blush: (but it should change doing a 2nd setup to always get one ready to ride :sweat_smile: ) They’re still good, and will continue to used them on the new Darth Vapor.

On my little eDirt supermotard machine (:smile:) Primo works just fine too ! Where other street tires RIP in a month or so :


Riding on asphalt only seems to be the deciding factor for you. I blow holes in worn down tires due to small stones. At some point, the tires just rip apart. I do change front to back also.

Yah, the Primo is also offered as a hard compound 50ps tire, so should last around as long as the Treads hard compound for me (300 km).

I ride around 180 KM in two weeks, weather depending. Maybe the hard compound with added ridge in the middle will last a bit longer.

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Yes… maybe. But I understand your topic, it not possible to change tires even every trimester :money_with_wings: This tires + inner tube is extremely expensive! around 10/20€$£ itch peace. we need to find other applications to make them buy these types of wheels to produce more and reduce the shots. When you see a tube of mountain bike, with much mooore material to 1.99 € the kit of 2! … It has room for progress that’s what is cool :smile:

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Well, they are also sold for scooters and such. In fact, most of what MBS or Trampa offers appears to be just rebrands of 200x50 tires. Found on aliexpress.

Rich-Art bought an mbs vine look alike through alie and so have I. They are rated at 60 as opposed to 80 psi though. Might not be identical with exception of the tire pattern. The 80 psi version that came with my diyeboard mtb (no longer in use) are super hard compared to everything else I have had my hands on. Harder in my case means longer lasting.


Yes, I see. Maybe it is a different formula asked by mbs - that we have to find (something like urethane wheel). ! :nerd_face: Maybe someone here knows or works in motor tires application and could advices us. What type of “layer”, hardness, and reinforcement we could expect and ask to have/be product … I’m just trying to think about it louder :blush:

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@diyeboard do you offer the 80 PSI version of: vine

? Looks like you offer a different type all together, despite your MTB being delivered with the tires listed above.

:open_mouth: order 4 tires only from Trampa its 82.5€ … I know it’s without shipping and custom here, but 76$ (67€ = 4 x tires + 4 x inners + 4 x hubs + 2 x drivers …) looks crazy hot deal !?! (if also made in 80psi !)

No, 76 is just the tires from what I see. If it’s identical to the aliexpress offering, it is substantially more expensive.

Well… I havent really had to change the tires (at least yet)…

The smaller diameter definetely wears down faster… I had 6inch tires a while back and I believe they got a bit worn down after a few hunder kms…

I think it has to do with how hard u ride mostly… I was somewhat convinced I will need to go through new tires in ~200-300km also, though in real life it turned out not to be the case…

I dont really get to ride a lot recently, so not sure what numbers to give… I also ride mostly on asphalt / brick layed surfaces, so not sure how that compares to rocks / gravel and such.

So yes… in my experience with 3 different tire types: 9 inch primos, 8inch ‘china’ tires (same as u described for diyeboard) and 6inch … ‘slick’ tires, the only ones with significant wear were 6inch ones…

I also know they got warm to touch after riding easily, so it might have to do with diameter / surface area to the road…

I dont do burnouts etc… 8inch wheels occasionally get wheels spinning when starting but I think they also should last 500-1000km more or less unless used up really aggresively.

Let’s see what others got to tell…

Not intentional from a stand still. I ride unsensored, so startup torque is bad. The wear is purely from carving and off-road conditions. Yes, also noticed the tires get hot.

Great topic!




Unbelievable, wish I could post such a comment. I think it depends a lot on the riding style.

My first set of Trampa Threads (hard compound) lasted 600km, my second set max. 300km only because of more aggressive riding/carving/sliding. Actually I use MBS Vine tires since 300km, I guess in about 100-200km I have to replace the rear tires.

I bought 6 tires because from my experience the rear tires wear down about double as fast so in theory it’s better and easier to replace the rear tires when they are done. When they are worn out the next time then the front tires should be worn out, too. That’s a theory which I’m testing right know. Because it’s not that easy to find the perfect point to swap rear and front tires at 50% of range.

:joy: Well spotted I didn’t recognize it’s 60psi but maybe 80psi is rebranding :wink: I’m curious if there is any difference, we’ll see. At least I usually ride at 50psi.

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I changed just because I have done too many burnouts… :smiley: Also my motor died today so its sad day…

So you mainly ride straight without (heavy) carving, right? I think carving kills the tires much faster.

I can’t really much carve with my hard suspension :smiley: Only simple waving :smiley: I am speed daemon :smiley: Now getting even higher KV motors for even higher speed :smiley:

I will try remove dampas add back orange ones put trampa trucks on evo with risers :smiley: should be fun evo deck on 8" wheels :smiley:

Carving and high PSI in combination wears down the tires faster. Ride style is also affecting the wear a lot. Hard accelerations and hard braking eats rubber. It really depends on the rider and the inflation/surface. Swapping tires front to back at 50% wear helps to get better mileage. 5+KW of power attached to a tiny wheel… You don’t need to do a lot of maths to figure out what happens when you ride like nuts. Race drivers learn to keep tires healthy for a longer period of time by avoiding maneuvers that wear down tires fast.

The high 80 PSI tires are stiffer/Harder compound compared to the trampa 50 PSI offerings. I actually inflate both to 50, so the different compound makes the difference in the miles I get out of each tire. Harder compound wins, without many sacrifices. The soft compound even gets cut up over time due to off-road conditions where I typically do not accelerate fast nor carve. I get knobs that are partially torn with softer compounds. That stuff ends up looking like a used eraser.


What remains is finding an affordable hard compound tire.

As for riding style, it is what it is. I could go in a straight line and cap my acceleration, but where is the fun in that :slight_smile:

As for swapping wheels front to back. Yes, I do this and that is included in the km calculation.

Ok ! I was always think that ride low pressure wear the tires prematurely, but as reading you and with this 2 or 3 years on Primo… I ride < 30PSI, sometimes around 35 on the 9" :smile: but mostly 29psi (2bars) on both and I like it a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

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