Mucho Moko | Jaseboard Moko | TorqueBoards 218mm | Dual Psychotiller/Maytech Sensored 6374 190kv | 12s6p 30q | Dual FocBox

@E1Allen bruh, you are so lucky I lived in Hawaii, Waipahu for 6 years. I didn’t get into esk8 until I came to NYC, wished I had in hawaii it would have been so much fun over there. When i was living there they were still doing construction on the roads for the new trains. The Disney resort area would be a cool cruise spot😭


So I was able to pull 106 amps going uphill. Currently my settings are 60 battery and 65 motor.

I’ve had the belts start to move from what I believe is the wheel pulleys gradually moving closer to the center of the hub so I ordered some 15mm pulley sets to get the full 12mm of belt back on the wheel

My nano-x remote arrived and I got it all setup.

I ordered threaded inserts because I want to keep the top of the board clean if possible. Once the enclosure is mounted and done if they don’t hold I’ll go through the board I guess.

@Kug3lis made dual FOCBOX enclosures so I pre-ordered one of those as well.

My friend is ordering a spot welder hopefully soon so I can have a battery pack to finish this build​:grin::grin::grin:. I’m ready to move on to a mountain board and a ebike.

One of my 6s 8ah lipos basically lost a cell. I finished a ride and it went down to .8v… Yes under 1v. I managed to trickle charge it back full but it slowly loses charge and maintains about 3.9v. If I take it easy now it drops voltage similar to the other cells. If I get bored I’ll remove and go 11s till my pack arrives.

I’ve been looking into some pneumis for the board as well. I’m sure I’ll own a set at some point.

I keep thinking about how I’m going to manage the charging situation. My intent is to use hobby charger but I want to have a nice enclosure that looks clean so I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I like the idea of removing the entire battery enclosure like it’s separate from the deck to make it more waterproof and allow it to flex with the board. More to come I guess on that. I am impressed with how smooth the large wheels ride.

Been kind of at a standstill for a while but I guess that gives me more time to research the next build.:+1:

I love the awesome year round weather here. Great for plenty of outdoor sports. Also, they are still doing construction on the roads for the rail. Of course it’s over budget and overdue.

@E1Allen wow still construction, don’t miss the crazy stop and go traffic going to work. Skateboarding wouldve been fun going to work I use to work on pacom base.

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I live on the North shore and work on Wheeler so I skip most of the traffic

So, I got these threaded inserts. My intent is to keep the top of the deck clean. I ordered 20. They are 8mm long and my deck is 13mm. So I can have them flush with the deck and not come through the other side. Honestly they are smaller than I expected but I think with most of them used holding the heavy battery they should be fine.

I’ll be drilling a hole about the size minus threads then epoxy inside the hole before I screw the insert inside.

Anyone have issues doing it this way or would have done it different?

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Ordered one of these 15mm pulleys… For my dual setup. Oops.

How tight is tight enough on these six screws for the wheels? Make it sit snug then blue loctite? I had no issues with the 12mm ones but with the 107mm wheels you only get about 9mm of belt coverage

You can see the motor pulley overlaps

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Flip the motor pulley around.

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Depends on the mounts, for instance on the TB mount you can’t do that.

The other answer is longer belts and move the motor pulley away from the wheel

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I do have room to flip the motor mounts. However if you look at the part circled if I flip the mount I will still have the same part of the motor pulley blocking the way.

Realistically the longer belt option is what would work. I currently have room to have a longer belt.

The only thing bugging me is that when I originally mounted the wheel pulley and attached everything there was no real gap and the whole belt was covering the wheel pulley. Same on both sides.

Whatever… Some 15mm pulleys and longer belts. Gonna put that torque down.

I typically remove the outside collar on motor pulleys, makes belt maintenance a breeze and avoids the issue where the collar gets in the way of the wheel causing rubs.

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Mine has some rubbing, just not from the collar. I’ll have to measure what length I need when I get home. Longer belts will solve this. 107s are just a big ass wheel. So smooth though.

One 3s6p pack. Three more to go. Ran out of nickel strip.

Plan on balance charging this beast.


Some updates. Ordered 15mm pulley sets. Not a fan of tight belts or slipping belts so I just went wider. My other issue was the motor pulley contacting the wheels. Longer belts solved that issue and I have the full 15mm contacting the wheel pulley.

Next I’ve been waiting for the CNC FocBox case to arrive and it has.

I did some testing and the temps rise slower and overall stay cooler. I’m going to start getting the shapes ready to build the enclosures next. My batteries should be complete by Wednesday and I might have them Saturday so I can finish.


So… 3s6p. I’m hoping to install these batteries next week. Should be plenty of juice.

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Hey. About pulley tightness. I had a retainer ring/belt guard /flange but it was thin and weak. When I tightened the bolts, it bent. So I removed it, measured the ID and ordered a 2mm steel shim ring. It works for me. If you have the space, I would go with 3mm.

It’s like incorporating that into the existing pulley would have worked. With the longer belts I was able to adjust the belts and get plenty of coverage without contacting the wheel. Are you doing anything to retain the spacers in place other than tightening the pulley bolts around it?

It sits in a slot where the old one was. Perfect fit with a little tlc

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My dude where did you see 100 amp current draw on that ride of yours?

I saw 53~ from battery and ~56 into motors in the data. You do not add them up (if you did that, maybe I’m missing something?)

My Bluetooth module is only receiving data from one FocBox. So double for combined data.

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