My batteries run out after about 500m

Hey everyone,

Firstly like to introduce myself, im Jake and im new to e-boards but im a maker so i decided to build a custom board.

The board is built and works great but the issue im having is that the batteries run out after only like 500m of riding, basically to the end of my road and back a couple of times.

I have dual motor and using the followowing




I’m new to the setup of the motors so any advice on what the parameters should be.

Pretty straight forward setup,

batteries to vesc’s via diy antispark switch to motors

Thanks for your help in advance

Did you configure the battery settings on the vesc?? Like the throttle voltage and the cutoff voltage??


How many of those lipos do you have and whats the configuration?


Hey both,

Yes configured using the setup wizards on the vesc tool. I have two of these lipos in series

So you have 8s and so you cutoff voltage should be 24v (lipos cannot dip below 3v per cell so 3x8= 24v)

And your throttle voltage should be 25.6v (your performance should start to decrease at 3.2v per cell)

Never set lipo cut off at 3v/cell. Use 3.6 as minimum or they will start puffing uneccesary fast.


You know that 3.7v is nominal of lipos right, lipos only become damaged below 3.0v

Lipos are basically lions but in a pouch

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You know that lipos shouldnt be discharged more than 80% of full capacity? 80 % is 3.6-3.7v/cell depending.

The main reasons lipos start puffing is because their only rated at 200 discharges/charges and higer end lipos like turning graphine can match 18650

You can go on any rc fourm and they know it best 3.0v is ok and it’s fine

Edit. 10 char

Just search up max lipo discharge voltage

Also I think what you mean is that a lipo should not be at 3.3v under load to avoid damage

If you worried than set the throttle voltage to 3.5v

Been doing rc stuff for 10 years. Ask a trusted lipo user around here and ask them if 3v/cell is good for longevity or not. As said earlier, 3.6-3.7v/cell is optimal for longevity. 3v/cell is way to low especially for hobbyking lipos…


A lipo can stay at 3v without issue but it cannot be under load at 3.3v I think that’s what you mean I would stop flying at 3.2v usually

3v for not a long time like a week

That’s why I said set battery cutoff at 3v and throttle at 3.2v but if you want to be safe set it to 3.5v so the vesc would ramp down amperage

Well when riding a board, the batteries are cleary under load. The board wont cut out before 3v/cell with the settings you suggested, and by then the lipos would be damaged.

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If you set it to 3.5v the vesc will ramp down aclearation as I said and theirfore the battery won’t be at full load

The plates of lithium won’t be damaged untill below 3v this is the point that I’m trying to get across

Sry not good at udeing the correct terms

The battery he states might be a issue it’s only rated for 62a and turnigy usually overrated their battery, would recommend 20c at least and 30c to be safe

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Well you wrote 3.2v for cut-off start, and 3v for cut-off end earlier. Even if the load isnt at max, there clearly is a load. Sure that the lipos Shouldnt be damaged before 3v in theory, but I am talking from real life knowledge of hobbyking lipos.

My lipo is over a year and a half old, cutoff is alawys 3.0v with zero issues, it’s s bit puffed but Its to be expected from a year and a half old lipo

Also charged at 1c the whole time

But my point was lipos won’t be damaged untill 3.0v and I’m outta here

I dont know man… You keep changing between 3v hard/3.2v soft cut-off, and 3.2v hard/3.5 soft cut-off. Either way, you are talking theory, I am talking real life experience.

Some of them were examples some of the I explicitly said if you want to be safe

Quotes " I’m s talking theory"

Even though I have a lipo in s board that’s a year and a half old