My build + Your thoughts

I have made a parts list tell me your thoughts plus any obvious ways you know i could make it cheaper because at the moment it totals to around £830 including shipping.





Umm…where is literally your entire drive train?

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sorry forgot the image


Oh good, you had me spooked for a minute there…I was worried you thought you could plug the phase wires into the urethane and make it spin :joy::joy:


fixed it now

TB should have dual drive kits

i really want to use the kegel wheels though

Was about to say where the drive train is haha!

  • iirc that remote is an esc only remote (no receiver)


  • i’d use a loopkey (xt90s) as an on/off switch (-35)
  • go with caliber II trucks & boardnamics mounts ($$ cheaper)
  • dickyho for motor pulleys + wheel pulleys
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  • That remote is not gonna do you any good, look for a mini remote
  • That antispark will go poof
  • You can drop all the kapton/copper/bullets/heat shrink since you’re using lipo, but get a 540 pcs heat shrink kit for your wires
  • Get 22 awg silicone wire for the balance leads on the battery and 16 awg silicon wire for the charger leads

Is the BMS bypass or discharge?

@ZachTetra ill go for a mini remote then but im keeping the antispark switch

it will eventually get stuck in the open position

im getting these things because im rearranging my lipo cell to my own custom battery just like the old evolve battery.

then ill buy the vedder one off someone from this forum

Oof…buy house insurance then…that’s a hella fire risk. But actually get some fuses for it just in case a pack goes bad

Look for anything with pre charge circuit in it

Sure if you want :smiley: . I personally just use a xt90s because its just so much cheaper yet still very reliable.

  • boardnamic mounts, calibers, dickyho pulleys will still cut down the cost quite a bit :slight_smile:
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cant fing dickyho pulleys for kegel

Just message him with a list of everything you want, he can waive the 6% eBay fee

Edit: tsk tsk…

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with shipping to uk for pulley and mounts it works out more than the torque boards kit