My diy board was destroyed today!

Hello All,

I got into an accident today. Luckily, no one was hurt, I got myself some road rash in elbow. Here is what happened. I was on my way to the bart train station in San Francisco to go home, from work. At the last stop, for some reason, I could not slowdown or brake, although I saw that the remote is still connected. I decided to bail and jump off, trying to run a few steps before I landed on the street. Unfortunately, my board decided to continue its journey by itself at the same constant speed. It ended up under the electric bus/train wheel and caught on fire.

There are 2 things I’d like to discuss:

  1. Firstly, please make sure that we all have protective gear, and ride that the speed that we can jump and run off. I’m glad that I don’t max my speed in the city often.
  2. Second is a question. What could have happened with the vesc to disable my brake? It has been very reliable board. The only difference between today and other is the hot temperature at around 86F degree.

My board configuration is:

  • 10s4P battery with BMS (group buy)
  • Maytech vesc
  • 6454 motor
  • Maytech new mini remote contorller

I setup my vesc to freewheel if controller is disconnected. But I don’t think it is the case, because the controller connection light was always on.

Although I will be boardless for a long while, I’d like to learn if I did anything wrong with my build. Thanks!

My vesc setup:

My board turned into 3 pieces:


Woah, every time I see one of these posts I get real nervous. Next think I know my board will cause a California wild fire…


Then they’re gonna get banned.


I’ll take those flywheels off your hands if they’re not too damaged :slight_smile:


That’s crazy! Did you do the fail safe where you board slows down when your remote disconnects? Thats one thing I always do or else the board goes full throttle when connection is lost

Too soon …Too soon (I was thinking the same thing)


@psychotiller I remember you telling me about this where the board can take off, I don’t recall the procedure to avoid this.

you use the binding plug to set the failsafe @thisguyhere

u opportunistic dick, let the smoke settle at least goddammm…


After everything is said and done. Do the remote binding again. Pretty sure that’s what @Michaelinvegas said when I learned about fail safe check

I did the fail safe to have it slow to nutural position. However, as I said, the connection light was always on but I lost control completely.

sorry for your loss… must be hard, Id cry if my board just disappeared one day


Did you adjust the failsafe correctly for the remote? Did the board still give some power or did it idle after you jumped off. Because you said that it continued at the same speed. How long did the board not respond until you jumped off?

make a second board for insurance

Hahah the flywheel looks fine from the outside but the cores are destroyed.

Did the police come and take report?

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Haha it was a joke (semi-srs).

@quietbun what are your timeout settings in the app configuration/general tab?

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Scary. Would really like to know what went wrong then. Glad no one was hurt…Except your baby

Glad you are ok though, looks like a beautiful build. Im.sorry for your loss.

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It did fail safe setting and tested it throughly for week. It lost control for 5 seconds before I jumped off. And it continues with same speed.