My Electric Mountainboard Build

Just finished my build. This forum has been a tremendous help. Thanks!


Nice build @tonys ! I couldn’t tell from the video if you did this already, but make sure to tape or heat-shrink your motor leads to the ESC connectors. You don’t want them to disconnect while you’re riding. Great looking enclosure!

Great video. The enclosure looks awesome. I think it’s the first one I have seen underneath on a mountainboard. Might not be the first, but still a good job man.

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nice build. love the enclosure. great work !

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Nice MTB! Just wonder how you can reach a distance of 9 - 12 miles with a 10s 5Ah battery. I even cann’t reach it with a streetboard with dual hubs. Have a good time with your E-MTB.

I was surprised how far I can go also. Of course its on flat roads at a moderate steady speed. I would guess it rolls a lot easier with the large tires as compared to small skateboard wheels.

Great tip, thanks, No haven’t done that yet but I actually had considered doing that.

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congratulations @tonys ! i really like the video and the result, good job!

what are you using for making the enclosure? looks pretty solid

enjoy your board :slight_smile:

thanks @tueboard I used polyester resin and a mix of 4 and 6oz fiberglass cloth, about 10 layers.


definitely I want to build a all terrain board like yours, i’m trying to figure out which components are you using maybe some one else wants to do the same :slight_smile:

mini remote controller sk3 motor 192kv 6374 trampa infinity trucks enertion vesc? mbs deck and wheels batteries turnigy nano-tech 5.0 5000mAh

but i can’t find these components of your build motor mount motor pulley wheel pulley motor belt

where i can get them? can your share some links?

thank you!

Sure thing @tueboard, I got the mechanical parts (pulleys, belts, etc) from Scramboards. But it took 2 months to get all the parts because there was a problem getting the motor mounts. They were out of stock like forever. Couldn’t find a motor mount for the MBS trucks so I swapped out for Trampa trucks on the rear (drive) axle. Your list of parts is correct. Here’s links to the sites I used:

Motors, batteries: VESC: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/ VESC with warranty: Mini Remote: Mechanical Drive Parts: Also used Ebay for many of the electrical connections such as the series connector, battery meter etc:

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One other thing about the drive parts. If you get them from Scramboards, make sure the small cog (gear) that slides onto the motor is the same inside dimension as the drive shaft on your motor because there are different sizes. You need to tell Scramboards that before you order. Also, the motor I used, Turnigy192kv, mounting holes did not line up with the holes on the motor mount arm. I just drilled out new holes to fit. It is easy to do just make sure you get it lined up exactly.

The motor mounts, do they stay put? I have the same motor mounts and truck. My threadlocked set screws back out and cause the motor mounts to slip after about 20 minutes of riding.

Nice build and video. Mine is a scramboard complete.

Hi @Aggdaddy,

The set screws are only there as a backup. The main mechanism to lock onto the axle is the 2 larger bolts that run thru the motor mount. You have to REALLY TORQUE THEM DOWN TIGHT. They will not slip once they are locked tight onto the axle. I’m sure you just didn’t tighten the main bolts down enough. I ran into the same situation. Oh, and be sure to use the blue “threadlock” on all bolts .lmk if that helps.

Awesome, thanks. I saw those, but they didn’t seem like they could be tightened any further.

I’ll try it later on tonight.

You can also get motor mounts and pulleys from @Nowind. Belt drive or chain drive they’re awesome.

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nice video, nice build - thanks for sharing!

Seconded !

How do you like your scramboard complete?[quote=“Aggdaddy, post:13, topic:12756, full:true”] The motor mounts, do they stay put? I have the same motor mounts and truck. My threadlocked set screws back out and cause the motor mounts to slip after about 20 minutes of riding.

Nice build and video. Mine is a scramboard complete. [/quote]

Eh, its ok if you like to work on stuff like remote control cars and stuff. I’ve had nothing but problems since I got it, but once I got my replacement vescs and ironed out some issues like remote and motor mounts, its a blast. I can recommend getting a electric mountain board, but not the builder. Although, they have been working with me fairly well to get it working.

The current set up is fast, but not enough torque. The builder has offered to sell me some 190KV motors at a discounted price and I think that will get me the torque I need to just hit the throttle and go. Right now, I have to edge it forward a bit to get it to go.

besides all that, its great. Battery lasts about 7 to 8 miles of medium to hard throttle.