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My First build is it worth trying to re-cycle old gear?

Great forum have been reading lots. Wanting a electric skateboard for a number of months. Was ready to buy and then seen you can build your own. I am happy I didn’t go down the ebay root from what I read .

My first build. I do have lots of tools dont mind learning not a newbie that way always making stuff… I did a lot of land boarding with a kite attached to me great fun but stopped it before I killed myself. I a have some old land boards.

Few questions. IS it worth using MBS deck ? MBS Trucks ? Also anyone seen these red alloy trucks I have no idea of brand or where I got them from anyone idea what they are ? Big question is it worth using any of this gear ?

Should i start buying new. Skate board / land board will be used on tarmac paths and round the city not really off road but not nice a smooth surface thanks for help in advance


I stop using my kite for the same reason.
Coming from kite to eMTB will be really fun, not set up time, just ride.

For eMTB it’s better to use the HK sk3 6374. And a 4:1 pulley ratio ( for the occasional off-road ). This matrix truck you have are nice but will just allow you to use a chain drive.

A #25 chain will work in the little space you will have. Just the allinment will be a headache. We’ll have fun any question hit me up.

Hey man! Welcome to the forum. First of all, you may want to consider renaming your thread. You can see the theme in the other build threads. This is to make the thread easy to find through the search function and categorizes your build so people with similar ideas can be drawn in to take a look. It’s something like Build Name|Deck|Motor|Speed controller|etc… Get creative!

It looks like you have some parts that can be salvaged, making use of those pneumatic wheels would be great for handling bumps, especially if you ever want to go off road, down a dirt path etc…Others will know a lot more than myself but I am happy to help try to answer any questions that you may have about motors, batteries, setup etc…and others can chime in and correct me as needed.

There is an awesome build on here that makes use of three pneumatic wheels, a deep concave deck and a chain/motor setup. I will go find the link and edit it in for you to take a look at. I think it’s one of the more unique builds on here and appears to be an absolute beast.

Edit: 3 wheel Frankenboard| C8080 70kv| 12s| VESC| MBS Matrix| Custom 9 layer vacuum press

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Still kite lots but on the water now with a surf board below my feet :0

cheers for the info Think I just go for a new build :slight_smile: Dont really need off road stuff. Dont like the sound of chains. I like to keep things simple ty for the advice

Visit my built to see if something like this is what you have in mind.

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Those red trucks in the first post are extremely rare, I forgot what they were called, but they are no longer produced and nearly impossible to find. I was trying to find a set for my mountainboard built, but I went with channel trucks (aka spring trucks) instead. They are supposed to be very good too.

I like your idea of recycling your kiteboard!! Looking forward to following this post!

Yea i bought them from a guy who was clearing out maybe 15 years ago loved the look of them If you look close at photo rubber protection on one truck has ripped. Its going to be hard to get a replacement for this. I did use them lots on a few boards on sand you never get speed wobble. Laying on the shed for ten years Still look good alloy and and steel must be top notch they used

Hey. Can you comment on the torque / speed needs of the mtb? why do you recommend the 4:1 ration? I’ve seen some people using ratios as high as 5:1 or 6:1. I suppose that’s also depending on what kv motor you choose. Anyways, any insight would be needed, as I still have not figured out what kv rating motor should I choose! Thanks in advance anyway!

About eMTB the assumption of a lot of people is that they just good for off-road but in reality once you learn to handle it, there’s no better board for the streets, the big pneumatic wheels free you from having to give so much attention to the surface conditions and maneuverability is better than people imagine.

I use my board more in the street than off-road so i compromise between speed and torque. I’m 205 lb and with a 4:1 ratio ( 65T/16T) the board can hit the 30mph mark and still have more than necessary torque to tackle any off-road trail or steep hill in my area.

Going with a 5:1 ratio is good for mountain bike trails or similar terrain but the efficiency of the system will decline is too much, like driving on 2nd gear all the time and the battery life will shorten.

In short if your weight is 180/220 you can use anywhere between 4:1 to 5:1 and will be more than enough for getting 30 mph (4:1)and still have good off-road capabilities.

My setup have dual SK3 190kv pair with 12S 120A TB ESC and 40V battery input.

For motors the lower the kv the better 149kv to 190kv.

Thanks for the input! I just made a new topic about the same thing. What are the can size of your motors?
I suspect they could be 6374 ?

They seem to be quite big for dual setup but perhaps your truck leght allows that.
So what I get, is that I better just take the 190kv one and be good with it?

Btw I’m also quite close to your weight, I’m 210lbs, only though, I think my wheels are going to be 9inch. What are you wheel size?

6473 is correct. The MBS truck is 15 in wide you can fit any dual configuration on them.

A 190 kv will be good just make sure you use a 10S or 12S battery it is better for the overall system lower temperature and better performance.

Btw - is it a chain drive or belt drive system you got?

I know 10s is better, but im stuck with 6s, because of the low cost controller. Im not sure Im able to spend more than 100$ for a controller. Althrough, if you know any, who can take 8s and costs that much, I would reconsider.

I entered the specs in RcCalc. It spitted out, that with my voltage and kv rating of 192kv, 9 inch tires, I should be able to get the desired +30kph speed / +19mph. Not sure how much weight will affect that.

I like the belt drive more, less noise, I advise you to go at least with 10S for off-road. On 6S there will be too much heat and can burn a motor, the insulation on the motor wires melts, I learned that the hard way :frowning:

Ok, can you then recommend any controllers capable of 10s? Um, I dont plan to use off road that much, it will probably be for cruising more.

So I totally agree with you on this one:

I just cannot stand the vibration, the longboard wheels experience, if you have to ride it on stone paved sidewalks like this one:

So far this is a really good option product/torqueboards-12s-120a-car-esc-opto-hv/

I like to use it with this fan
Just for extra cooling, better than burning the ESC :wink:

Can you give any info on how exactly your previous motor burnt? What was the kv rating of it? What gear reduction you had?

Anyways… will take a look, althrough the price will probably drag me down… because as this is the first build ever for me, any success in building a somewhat working e-board will make me happy. 10s-12s is if course very compelling but the initial cost is quite higher for such setup.

Do you know anyone who have tried to implement temp sensors into the motor? I know that some people are putting hall sensors, to make it sensored but have not seen anything with built in temp sensors.

Same motor I’m using now HK SK3 6374 190Kv. Using it in 6S.
Went off-road and push it too hard and it burn the motor. After inspecting it noticed that the insulation had melted and the wires had shorted.
The other motor in the setup I’m still using, just switched to 12S Lipo and now I’m using 40V lifepo4 Battery pack.
Never had an over heated motor again, I can ride hard and the motors can be touch with the hands afterward.