My First Electric Skateboard, Need Help and Advice(Aiming for board to be 30-40mph)

Hey guys, So I’ve been long boarding for a while now, and last year I wanted to get into eletric longboards mainly for the speed and avoiding those tiring up hills xD. In december i decided to invest in carvon exo, but that seemed to be a lost cause, so just recently, a couple days ago I charged back and got my money back from my bank.

I was looking at evolve gt bamboo, and was very interested by it but however I was put down by its news of sudden braking at top speeds and other problems, for its specs, it just doesn’t seem to be worth my 1500 dollars.

Now I want to try and build my own, but I have no budget for mistakes, and would like to get some advice from the experts and veterans, to see what you guys think.

I am looking to use either a landyachtz evo skate and explore, or evo falcon, or a switchblade 40/38.

Now I will need your help deciding which board, I like them all, but I am really not sure which is best, and best suited for what I want to do. I want fast casual cruising, downhill rides, and easy going uphill.

I am looking for around 30-40mph on flat surface.

Nextly the motors, which is best suited for my speed? (btw I weight 190 if that helps)

I saw these motors around the forum, any good for 30-40mph?

Also should I get a esc or vesc or focbox? I know the difference between esc and vesc but what about focbox? seems to be a new thing for me. I also have no clue how to set these up so anything over complicated I might mess up haha.

I think i can manage everything else except battery and pulley system.

what battery would be best to achieve good output for the motor above(or another motor you recommend) and get 30-40mph? I also think I will be using a LiPo for better output but open to suggestions.

And pulley system, I have no clue how this works, how many components I must buy, and what I should use with my motor and what teeths(motor and wheel) I need for 30-40mph. If you could explain a little and link me, I would be greatly appreciated.

So write now im just trying to learn about best options for motor, board, esc, battery, and pulley.

Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read my long ass post full of noob questions, but your time is much appreciated and really helps me out so much, thanks again, im open to all suggestions!

PS: My budget is around 1300-1600 USD. will be a great help for gearing ratio and voltage info. Are you hoping to run pneumatic or urathane? FOC box is an “optimized” version of the VESC 4.12. ESCAPES or VESC 6 is probably your best bet for these kinds of speeds due to a 60000 erpm limit on 4.12 configurations. Those motors should work and give you a nice gearing ratio to achieve your desired speeds.

Know that any of those boards will require you to have a dual diagonal setup assuming you are planning on going dual drive (highly recommended/required for these speeds)

awesome, thanks so much for your response! Ill def checkout the escapes or vesc 6 and could you explain what pneumatic and urathane differ and exactly what they are for? Sorry Im very clueless :stuck_out_tongue:

Pneumatic run much larger, starting at about 6” diameter wheels but provide a MUCH smoother ride. They are also more expensive. Urathane are your normal longboard wheels.

Edit: This is a link to a pneumatic option.

was thinking about using abec 97 flywheels

ah just searched i see, its for off roading yea? I was gonna stick to just longboard wheels :wink:

Probably a good choice considering your budget.

you think i can make it with 1.6k budget?

It’s definitely going to be tight. What is the range you are hopin for?

8-15miles would be ideal, 8 being pretty low but workable for me.

That definitely helps reduce cost of batteries

Im looking at 12S4P or a 10S5P, this is what I see going around, is that good enough for range and speed wise(output for the motors to get that speed)?

Also I kind of forgot what the numbers and s and p mean, would u be able to explain those to me?

You definitely need 12s for your target speeds. The s is the number of cells in series. The p is the number of cells in parallel

Do you need further explanation or will that suffice.

kind of get it, what would be optimal battery for what i need, is a 12S4P good enough?

That motor will have no problem getting you past 30 with the right gearing with even just 10s battery. It will get you close or over 40 with 12s. If its the first built to make things easier you could purchase a full kit. Torqueboard sells one that takes care of alot of the guess work @torqueboards. products/pro3-electric-skateboard-conversion-kit for example will get you what you want.

Following is build based on… surprise! the evo deck, torque board trucks and batteries. FocBoxes, @psychotiller tires :slight_smile:

ah awesome, thanks alot for linking this! Would it still work with longboard wheels?

It will but you’d probably want to get some risers in place for clearance. Torqueboards batteries I believe are double stacked so they are thicker. You could also reach out to other vendors to get custom batteries made that are longer but thinner. If you want to go that route @psychotiller I believe make the batteries AND the enclosures to hold them :slight_smile:

awesome, and yea pro3 products/pro3-electric-skateboard-conversion-kit is really dope but i might want to switch out a couple components, seems like a great list to check with tho.