My monodrive 6374 10s bamboo eboard

You could just get a smaller enclosure made??


Yes! Looking great man!

Hey all! Yesterday I created a new selling topic for the enclosure You can find it here

Nice Build Man! Which enclosure did u use for the esc, anti spark and receiver?

Thanks dude! I got it made by @Crossfire Here is the STL file

Updated the topic with recent ‘improvements’

  • 13-10-2017

Updated the topic

  • 16-10-2017

Updated the topic and FINISHED THE BUILD

  • 22-10-2017_

Hi guys I am having two problems that I can’t seem to figure out… They are: Bluetooth module does not turn on even though VESC is set to PPM + UART Battery indicator does not completely turn off when whole system is turned off.

I will split them into two replies so it is easier to keep conversations apart :wink: See below this reply

##Problem 1: (FIXED!) Bluetooth module not working

The bluetooth module ( does turns on but I can’t find it inside my Bluetooth settings on my Nexus 5X… I followed the instructions on @fottaz’s website. Setting the VESC to PPM + UART and the baudrate to 115200 (by default).

Using my Samsung S4 I can find it but I am not able to pair it. My main device, Nexus 5X running Android 8.1 can’t find it at all. Please advice

FIX: downgraded my Nexus 5X to Android 7.1.2. A fix for Android Oreo will hopefully arrive soon

##Problem 2: (FIXED!) battery indicator not turning off

I wired the battery indicator as follows which seemed to be the most reasonable way of wiring it:

I borrowed @Namasaki’s wiring diagram and added the battery indicator to it. Can you give some insight in this problem, Namasaki? Would love to hear from you

I understand why the battery indicator doesn’t turn off. It has a positive and a negative that never loose contact even after the system is turned off since there is still some current flowing. So my question is: how do I wire the battery indicator so it will function normally?

Some thoughts I only tested the battery indicator while the BMS was NOT connected to the VESC and motor so maybe that would help to let the current escape from the system? Before taking the board apart again I would like to receive some input from you guys about this!

I’m no expert but if you want to measure battery voltage, why not put the meter across the battery?

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You mean putting the indicator directly on the positive and negative wires of the battery? Well, because then the indicator will be always on and will only turn off when the battery is dead (which will probably happen in a somewhat faster rate because of the indicator discharging it)…

I want the battery indicator to also be the indicator of the system being turned on. I don’t have access to a 12V source from the battery indicator to install a switch with built in LED

Ok, I understand now. I guess you need a 12v step down voltage regulator for the led switch. For the battery meter you could install a loop/antispark key on the battery side.

This is why it’s not tuning off. After you connect the Vesc, it will work properly. The reason is that when you turn the bms off, there needs to be a load that will drain the bms output circuit down. The Large caps on the Vesc do this.

Thanks Namasaki! Great to hear I was headed in the right direction :slight_smile: My new switch will also be delivered today so I can get started somewhere this week with repairing these things

That would probably work but it kind of defeats the purpose of a switch on the BMS I think Namasaki’s solution will work.

I will keep you posted on this!

Yep, I realised that you probably didn’t need any additional equipment taking up more space. I like the way that you implemented this with your voltmeter acting as an indicator, will have to look into that BMS.

Thanks Jumpman! I got the BMS as a recommendation from Namasaki. Have a look at his topic I linked to with the wiring diagram. That topic is FILLED with so much great knowledge. Here is the specific datasheet for my BMS. It is actually for Li-Ion batteries but the higher battery cut-off will help prolong the battery life

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Thanks for the link. Look forward to hearing how it works out.

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