My new 4.12 vesc is slower than my hobbyking 70 amp 6s esc?

My new 4.12 vesc is slower than my hobbyking 70 amp 6s esc?? I was pretty sure I set all of the amperages right and set my motor to it’s max output (70amp)… I wonder why it’s slower… plus my old setup was 6s and my new one is 12s. If you have any suggestions please help :disappointed_relieved:

Can ypu post more Info abouth your board, and maybe some screenshot of your parameter in the bldc tool


Here’s my setup: two 6s zippy compact 5000mah 60c batteries in parallel 4.12 Benjamin vedder vesc Turnigy aerodrive sk3 149kv 16T motor pulley 36t wheel orangatang kegel 83mm I’m using the vesc tool version .87 For the moment I cannot show you a pic my parameters and settings on my computer because I’m not at home… will post later.

two 6s 5AH in parallel = 6s 10AH, not 12s.


Ob my bad lol I didn’t realize that

You said you were running a 12s setup…? That is a 6s setup :upside_down_face:

149kv at 6s wont Get alot of speed


6s/149kv will be extremely slow no matter what esc you use :rofl:

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Alright guys I’m new lol anyway I just wanted to know why with two batteries rather than one would be slower than before… especially with a new vesc. Before I could go 18mph and now I go about 14mph, what’s the deal!?!j

Post your setting and it will be alots more easier to help you :wink:


Connect these in Series and you should get a top speed of about 28 MPH

What’s got me intrigued about this, is that if he connected them in parallel and is running 6s, the board shouldn’t even move if he set up the voltage cutoff for 12s in BLDC tool. @Gabegds2001 Probably best if you post your settings cause there’s a high chance your current voltage cutoff will destroy your batteries if you connect them in series

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I’m doing parallel because I want more range but if 14mph is going to be my top speed then that may be my option

Here’s a quick break down of how speed is estimated: premise: No mechanical parts are changed higher the voltage (# of series) = higher the potential for top speed higher the current (# of c) = the more “power” to fufill that speed Your speed will be capped by voltage regardless. Rearranging the same packs does not change the range

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Series and parallel will give you the same range. Range is determined by Watt hours. Watt hours are determined by battery capacity and battery voltage. So connecting in parallel to get 6s doubles the capacity but halves the voltage. So you don’t gain any range.

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Well crap I guess I messed up buying a parallel connector… @GrecoMan it’s probably working with the 6s in parallel because I used a “setup wizard” option and it probably automatically set the right cutoff.

Ah that makes sense. Deffinetly post your settings before you ride it again so that we can check them over and make sure you don’t blow your board

Also if you have soldering iron, wire, and heat shrink, you can change a parallel connector to a series pretty easily

Ok thanks ill wait till I get back home to take pictures. I do have the right equipment to make it a series connector too

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I used to fix my xt90 to xt 60 converter all the time since they were abridged only by solder. Just munny wrap it in electrical tape afterwards. :joy:

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no dude… I can get the same speed with a 6s config and a 12s config. speed is mainly based around kV to voltage “ratio”. i don’t mind you embarrassing yourself, but when you start spreading fake facts it’s a different story.

I said the potential for speed. Doesn’t mean you have to go at that speed. Speed is theatrically in direct relation to the product of kv and voltage. Yes, you don’t have to operate a motor at full 12s voltage even though your battery is capable of supplying it.

You lost me there. Are you saying kv/voltage? Isn’t kv already rpm/volt? Yes, I made assumptions that everything but the battery pack is the same.

I don’t either if I and someone else can learn from it.

if I meant rpm/volt I would’ve said it.

for example, I can get very close to (if not more) the speed a setup with 12s/159kv with a 6s/270kv. the big thing that voltage changes is torque. 12s/159kv will have noticeably more torque.

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