My new 4.12 vesc is slower than my hobbyking 70 amp 6s esc?

I realized just a bit before you responded. I think you took into account the change of mechanical setup. I made the assumption of only changing the battery pack and nothing else. Yes, more precisely, changing the gear ratio changes the speed and recalibrates the factor in calculating the speed. Changed it, it’s all good. :hugs:


Wrong, torque is directly proportional to current, not voltage, but as your speed increase (same everything) the back EMF of the motor also increase, so you need more voltage to offset that and be capable of pushing the needed current into the motor, with more voltage you can keep the torque for a broader range, which is exactly why you go faster with more voltage, but the torque is the same (perfect world) if the current into the motor is the same, no matter the voltage

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yea sorry, I meant if voltage and kv were kept to the same “ratio”

ex. 6s/270kv will have less torque than 12s/149kv

So, should I make a series connector or should I keep the parallel connector if I want more speed?

You mean keeping the top speed the approximately same with booth these setups?

yea, speed will be approx. the same, but 12s will have more hill climbing and acceleration capability

Ok I’ll keep the parallel setup for now let me pull up the parameters on my pc

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No. Go with series. Gregoman answered to earlier question. Your high speed will rise if you add some voltage and keep your motors as they are

Ok I’m getting a lot of different opinions but I guess I’ll try series after I show you guys my vesc tool .87 settings

And please do a lot of research. There are hundreds of similiar conversations like this so you can learn by yourself.

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What should I set my battery max to if my batteries are. 5000mh 6s 60c?

did you do ppm detection?

I thought so. I can retry it .

With two 6s in parallel i set the cell count to 6s right?

yes. was it set to 12 before?

Yes it was. I went through the motor and app configuration setup one more time and after doing test on the motor and writing the results to the vesc, the motor sounds different.

yea that was your problem. try it now.

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It’s too dark now lol. I’m gonna try making a series connector with my bad soldering skills

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Make sure you use lots of solder and cover as much area as possible so heat doesn’t build up when you apply a lot current through the connection.


Them yes, if you used the same motor and same gearing the torque would be the same no matter the voltage, but in this case you give up torque to keep the top speed high. If your 270kv motor could handle double the current of 149kv one them they would be equal

The problem is that until the community dynamometer takes off, all this assume 100% efficiency all the time

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