N.E.S.E / NESE - No solder module battery packs

Guys has anyone tried these ? Seems like finally someone got the solder less packs sorted out the right way. I am super tempted to try these with 12s4p setup.

Link to the store: http://18650.lt/index.php/product/n-e-s-e-module/


Vibration test:

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Saw those on electric sphere, they look pretty cool I was planning a build based on them

Long term this saves shit load of money. The idea that you just pop in new cells every now and then is so cool. There is also VRUZEND very similar project but somehow i like this NESE pack design better.


Space is the only issue I see

why ? It says on their website it’s 22mm in height.

Agreed but the design is good, I could probably skim it down if justbnees to source the nickel strip that he’s using

Right it’s just bigger all around compared to bare cells

To be more specific here are the exact dimensions : Size – 22x74x123mm To me it’s super compact :slight_smile:

It’s designed to be stacked height wise though so it would have to be redesigned for esk8 also with nickel that can carry 20-80a

We should invite this dude here on the forum.


The nice thing about those is that you can buy just the hardware and print the molds yourself. Cheaper and faster shipping and no customs. The only downside is that you need a little more room. I tested vruzend and I found it an excellent solution. I am sure nese is awesome as well. Replacing cells looks easier to do with nese.

Hi guys. I was registered on this forum for some time now but i think i was confused a bit how this forum works :slight_smile: Anyhow, i appreciate you guys taking interest in my design. Just as a note, modules could be stacked sideways as well which is what you want on the deck. Also, my tabs are tin plated 0.6mm copper, not nickel. I had to abandon nickel plating as it was making copper brittle but tin is fine as i have tested these modules at 200+ amps in 6P configuration and at the moment there are no cells to push out that much current without getting damaged. Any, questions, dont hesitate to ask, here to answer all of them.


Hi @agniusm thanks for visiting us. You did an awesome job. Do sell those nice BALANCING CABLES as well ? I can’t find them anywhere in the store. It would useful to buy them as well .

I was intending to have them made but nature of DIY stopped me cause different lengths are needed so if longer supplied someone who need short ones would not be happy overpaying for stuff they dont need. I could do some on personal request though :wink:

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Have you considered a similar design but doing series packs instead of parallel? As in, instead of buying 4p or 6p modules, you buy 10s or 12s modules, and stack them in parallel to build the battery you want.

The reasoning behind this would be adjustable battery size. That way you can run 10s3p for picking up groceries, riding to class, etc. but if you did a long 30+ mile ride, you could stick in 3 more packs in parallel for extended range.

The idea is to only carry as many batteries as you need for the type of ride you’re doing, and only deal with the heavy weight of extra batteries when necessary.


That would be complicated by a bms, either having to split one between all somehow or have a bms per module

Yeah, true, I didn’t really consider a BMS. I actually don’t use a BMS, 9 months in and no problems so far.

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If you would look at the batteries the rule is you parallel your cells and then series them. Imagine the web of wires doing the proposed way. 3P of 12 series stacks would equate to 39 wires for balancing and that webbing you have to incorporate in the design. It is a bad practice which was discussed extensively on endless sphere.


You could make the current design into series by just cutting and staggering the copper if you don’t want to use bms It’s actually not a terrible idea considering you could take the cells out to charge in a balance charger Having multiple xS1P modules precharged would eliminate downtime

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