N.E.S.E / NESE - No solder module battery packs

Not rly. I think you solution IS rly good. I used some Pads right under the Module. But i will either not mount them directly to the Deck or find some other solution. But i will probabyl Go your way with these holders. They Just eliminate all concerns. Rly nice Work. IMG_20180906_123122


What enclosure are you guys thinking of using with these packs? Given it any thought?

Going for @psychotiller altar wedge. Similar to @Itsmedant though I don’t think I’ll have enough space to double stack on the hummie deck if I try your mounts as I recall making measurements and having it flat between the deck and enclosure already.

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I am going to make a custom enclosure, but I got two of Hummies decks, so for the other one I’m gonna get one of @bigben enclosures for that board. It’s very nice and thin, so the bottom is barely noticeable, and it’s only like €40.



£45… but they’re fibreglass and got a few different styles.


I like psychotiller’s enclosure and the price point is good too. I might get that.

What do you mean double stack? Are you going for 10S8P? :open_mouth: Also are you using hummie’s deck?

@Wraith, @uigiroux since you are going to mount these on flat decks, I’ll make different ones which doesn’t have any bend in the base. That way the module will just hover 2mm above the board like mine does. Don’t use the stl that I provided before. What do you guys think?

BTW this is my deck image


Yeah I’m going to go with a Hummie deck, just waiting on the flipskys and Hummie should be sending them over to Tiller for mounting and the enclosure. Figured I’d get that out of the way and ask him to do it so its more or less done before it gets shipped internationally to me.

As for the double stack yeah thats something I do plan on later on but for now I’ll go with a 12s4p just to make the most out of the space. Tiller will be widening the hole on the deck as well cause the 2s4p modules wont fit without modifying the recessed area.

yeah having the base flat would work better but I could see myself using the ones with a rounder base if I deck swap to something with a more aggressive concave. Also not sure yet if they will fit or if I’m going to still drill the holes for them. I’m guessing 3m hook velcro won’t cut it because of the surface area on the base?

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So the best way would be to use wood screws with a big flat head, because unlike the enclosure you won’t be taking these off(unless you change board). Even when you want to take the nese modules off for servicing these will still remain on the board. I am going to use these screws

Oh that’s actually awesome. The very reason I didn’t go for hummie’s deck was that it couldn’t fit nese 2S4P modules.

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yeah I do like the decks. @uigiroux modified his Hummie deck as well actually

Also just saw your deck and thats a massive drop! 1" or 2"? lol that should really lock you in! looks similar to the Red Ember boards which I would like to get as well haha

nice seller. i was always looking for a site that a has thicker decks. Do they ship worldwide?

@mishrasubhransu I’m using the olive wood version of the deck in my build. If you come up with custom battery mounting, etc and want to make some $ and make two I know it will fit my deck. :wink:

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Does anyone have an issue with the screw terminals vibrating loose on their packs? Or do you use loctite on the terminal screws?

Overlooked this. This is my friends from energusps modules(also from Lithuania). They are spotwelded and sold ready made with cells. They can make whatever cells you want with if the quantity is right. They have temp sensor integrated and each cell is fused. NESE density falls between Energusps and Vruzend although i don’t think of Vruzend as a solution at all. Too many well known errors implemented. These are high end modules used in Formula E. This is pre-history and the man himself: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=lt&sl=lt&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fe-motion.lt%2F2013%2F12%2F12%2Fakumuliatoriaus-blokas-is-18650-cilindriniu-celiu%2F

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There are 2 countermeasures implemented.

  1. Supplied screws have a spring washer and they are of very good quality made by Japanese.
  2. Printed screw caps have grooves mimicking spanner socket: image for second stage of unbolting protection: http://18650.lt/index.php/product/twin-bolt-cap/

I dont have a board. I am more of a 2 wheel person but these are the things i would try:

along with threaded wood inserts: image fitted with some epoxy

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I think that’s a great idea! Would definitely work well for me, I made my modifications to the board already and the cutout is a bit wider then the modules now, so I think using those too mount the NESE Modules would be ideal :slight_smile:

I had found them on McMaster, but to my disappointment they are rated for compression. Not tension.

Cool. I’ll put links to flat mounts soon.

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stl files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12nsSWwk84cC8EZ4IVN4RpWdnaNB0QHoO You have to print them vertically, otherwise it might delaminate when stressed too much. Normal loading doesn’t affect it though. flat deck vs concave deck flat_deck_mountconcave_deck_mount flat_deck_mount2concave_deck_mount2


that holder has flex or is it stiff?