N.E.S.E / NESE - No solder module battery packs

flex, that’s why it has that circular region, otherwise it would have been one straight line(that was my first design, very stiff). I could make the circular portion more wiggly too to increase flex further, but from my tests it’s at a sweet-spot.


How much length does this add to a module? Let’s say my current modules are 100mm in length. What would they be with these added on from end to end?

Hey i just wanted you share the battery i build. 10s4p and works like a charm.

IMG-20180909-WA0005 IMG-20180909-WA0008 IMG-20180909-WA0011 IMG-20180910-WA0002

I used Lipo Silicon protector to cushion the battery and then completly put it in heatshrink.

IMG-20180909-WA0013 IMG-20180909-WA0015 IMG-20180909-WA0017 IMG-20180910-WA0005


Cool! What does it look like on the board?

Looked like that last week. I made some mods. Build a tunnelriser in UNIK style and cleaned it up, so no more cables dangling around. IMG_20180911_130923


Great. Looks like doublestacking works on street boards as well.

yep works flawlessly. but this is more like a prototype. once i have my stuff i will get a stiff deck and make a flat pack.

Since I am using the NESE copper tabs in this mod, I thought it would be relevant to post it here too: More details at: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/my-compression-pack-design-gauging-interest/67878/143?u=mishrasubhransu


I really like your design. It’s perfect for two rows of cells style, but if your wanting to orient the cells the other way I think that would be quite difficult.

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It’s mostly assembled on my board. I have to flip cells from +ve to -ve to use a short cable from battery to DieBieMS. @agniusm, I was wondering if you realized that was a problem?

Of course, I still have to crimp the balancing wires, route it nicely and take it to DieBieMS.

IMG_20180930_032031 IMG_20180930_031952 IMG_20180930_032000 IMG_20180930_031846 IMG_20180930_031910


I love how you secured these to your deck! I know the designs of them were already shown and discussed, but seeing it actually assembled and mounted on the deck… Looks pretty great… They don’t add that much extra width as I thought they would, so I think I’m gonna do that too :smile: What were you saying about having to swap positive and negative wires btw?

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I too have no idea what problem there is

@uigiroux, @agniusm maybe I wasn’t clear. As per your +ve and -ve marking on the battery and the DieBieMS battery + and battery -ve sign, I would have to use long wires from one side to the other to connect the battery to DieBieMS.

Basically, I can’t connect them together Screenshot_20181001-030909

I still don’t get it. You have PACK- of the BMS on the photo and what? I mean the whole problem you have is markings? Flip the damn cells, take red and black marker and remark you positive and negative. DieBieMS enclosure was adopted to suit NESE modules not the other way round. There are a lot of CAD files that make up my modules and i will certainly not add more for enclosure that i don’t sell (or sell 2) just because of marking. Sorry, but you are being too fussy calling it a problem.

The pack and board looks great BTW.

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