Nano-W | Nano Remote Mod [Updated and Re-uploaded]

Got sick of the small battery in my Nano X and the small throttle throw so I upgraded it. Might as well take out the unnecessary stuff and add some simple features.

+2000mAh lipo. +Deadman switch +Bigger radius thrumb wheel -channel 2 button -reverse button

Still got that stupid ass calibration tho. :cry: 15392327564833534908820325639572 image

Edit: (10/12/18) Ok. I was dumb and thought i could just splice a wire and add a button in the middle. Here was the situation,:

  1. if button was on V, signal rails to ground when trigger is released (full brake)
  2. if button was on G, signal rails to V when trigger is released (full throttle)
  3. if button was on S, signal floats to 3/4 V when trigger is released

I fixed it using (3) and adding a voltage divider to stabilize the signal to 1/2V (center of ppm) using 2 10k omp resister. I chose 10k cus that’s the highest I have atm. theoretically you can go higher as long as they are identical.



What calibration?

when you turn on the nano you need to full swing the thumb wheel to let it know its range to calibrate or it will be very touchy

That’s why it’s touchy hehehe thanks for the info


lol no problem I knowledge was passed down to me. apparently it’s on the Raptor 2 manual but as you might know the nano X manual is shit.


Nice! Got some files, build log, parts list… ? I’m interested!

Great mod :muscle:

files later still need to use it a while to see if i like the shape. part list is 1x Nano Remote and 1x 2000mAh lipo. thats all it is.

It took me 2 years to figure that out. And it wasn’t touchy every time, just randomly.

On mine is written on the remote itself, plus on the manual. When I forget to do it, It’s really clear mostly during braking.

yeah it’s random af. sometimes you dont need to recalibrate after turning it on and off (with the receiver kept on). that’s why im adding this deadman switch and upgraded battery so I can leave the remote on to save my calibration when we stop to charge in a groupride.


My brakes felt like as if there is no throttle range, like a binary on off switch. Going downhill and having a brake in ludicrous mode is no good :slight_smile:


updated 10char

u got the Prints?

I can upload the STL tonight but I don’t really like the shape atm. Need to print a few more prototypes.

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Finally Published it. give it a try and let me know how you feel.


Will this work for modding the Nano V2 as well? I’m not sure but thought they were the same inside.

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Yeah they are the same inside.

So i have a nano x laying around but i have no clue about what capacitors and what to solder where. Im pretty new to electronics and just learned how to solder Mind breaking that down a bit? Maybe a drawing when you have time?

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Yeah sure. The mod is really easy. I’ll draw a diagram later.