Need a favor (3D Print)

So, my 3d printer is haunted, broken and generally pissing me off. Is there anyone out there that could print me x2 60 or 72 tooth pulleys for 15mm belts, preferably in ABS or Nylon? I’m happy to pay for them. Thanks for reading.

What wheels or hubs are they for?

The MBS wheels that came on the Comp 95 I just got. MBS Rockstar 2 hubs with 8in tires.

I can’t print nylon or I would help you out. However, I am also interested in one.

When I get my printer issues resolved I’ll print you one in ABS.

Coughs* did someone say 3d printing? Which of the 5 printers do you want me to use?


The fast one lol

I don’t care as long as you can get it done :blush:. I’ll post the shape file in 5 mins

@JLabs Here’s the link. Let me know the charge before you print them, not sure I can spend a ton on them. Thanks

Hey mmaner what kind of issues are you having maybe i can help? I work as a 3D printing engineer i run about 20 fdm printers on the daily haha

what gear pitch are you using?

The Z axis, on the opposite side of the stepper motor, is moving up 1/4 inch whenever I home the printer. The only way I can.print is to start the print then pause and manually turn the rod down until it’s level then resume. It’s got to be a hardware issue as it’s exactly the same issue every time. I’ve defaulted and leveled at least 10 times.

It’s 5m, HTD5M to be exact.

Looks like I’m too late but I could do them on this bad boy for like $20 shipped at 100% infill

Edit: not sure I have nylon but my other prints at 100% are rock solid, I can’t break them if I tried

I’ll take it :blush:. I usually ABS at 100% infill and I’ve never had a problem, so Im sure yours will be fine. I need x2 pulleys. Wasn’t sure if that was clear. Thanks

I’ll see if I can get them done Monday! You want to wait on your mounts to ship with (it’ll probably be another week or two :cry:) or I can probably ship them Monday if not Tuesday

I’d rather have these as soon as possible. The mounts are for another project so can wait on them, I’d like to get this MBS done pretty quick.

oh wow what printer do you have? and have you recently updated any software like slicer or firmware? as this has not always been a issue right?

I’ll send you a pm when they’re done!

Email files to: [email protected]

Edit: nvm, I saw you posted them on Dropbox

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It’s a monoptice mk2, same version of cura I’ve used for months. Yeah, this just recently started.