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Need help! Broken Backfire remote. How can i get a new one that works?

Hi! I have a used Backfire board. I think its a Backfire G2 bought in 2018. Does any one have a simular looking Backfire board?

The remote got water in it and now it is broken. I need to get a new remote that works for my board and i hope i could fix it some way that it would not be to expensive. I have not seen where the sell the same kind of Backfire remote. Only newer models

I had some few issues sometimes with brakeing when i brake many times in a row. It like was not braking when i tried. So brakes are not working every time when i roll downhill when i brake many times in a row, but have always worked the first time i brake.

The turn of button on the board has no lights and is not working, i could only turn on. Could it be something wrong with the ESC?

Does someone know how i can get my Backfire board functioning again? New remote is the most important thing i need. Thankful for any advice.

Did the board itself get water damaged or just the remote?

Watch the videos there I see there are many how to’s there

Seems like a sure way to learn with what you are dealing with.

also by all means do first contact the manufacturer and ask them for assistance

They really should know best.

It was only the remote in my friends apartment that got water in it. I will look at the videos, but the remote dont turn on. It is broken

I contacted Backfire. They dont have parts anymore to Backfire G2 2017 they said. They offered me discount of 30 dollars on a new board. I asked if i can buy a new Backfire ESC and remote that is for a any newer Backfire model, but they said it would not work. Thanks for your tips.

That’s lazy service there end I see no real reason why not


  • Repair remote

  • replace ESC + remote

  • Find replacement remote that would work

Option 1 and 3 we can both agree is best

I wounder what esc we are dealing with if you could get some pictures under the esc hood (not battery) that would help with OPTION 3

My hope is it’s the regular china ESC and you can pair a regular China hub motor remote to it like shown in video there and here

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You are good at explaining well and simpe the options. I am willing to learn more :slight_smile:

I have photos of the inside the ESC and inside the remote. I think the water damage is close to the charging port on the remote, it looks damaged

If i could change ESC easily i probably would look in to that option. I read somewhere the Backfire model had some problems and there was a available upgrade before, maybe they dont have that option anymore. Not shure that my ESC is also bad. But to get a working remote is the most important right now

I bought the brand just because i thought if something would brake there would be spare parts so you could fix it. So i got suprised that they did not have old parts or newer upgraded parts to my Backfire

Lets Talk.

I’m not 100% sure these websites provide good service as I’ve never used them but lets just go for proof of concept first


  • the same cheap stuff you had which to it’s extent works

  • Vesc which will run you 100+ (for the cheapest pair) + cool trigger remote for 15 usd


Is it worth just buying a remote for say 13eur and wait ages to find out the esc is faulty too or they are just not compatible? If so down below :arrow_lower_right: (maybe worst case scenario you have a spare remote)

Next idea is go vesc as you can control acceleration curves and should have a little more efficient output along with possibly better brakes.

Thanks for all the good links you showed me, i am happy for all advice i have got :slight_smile:

I want to learn more about vesc and i have been reading about it and seen some videos about it.

I think i want to buy a vesc and a remote to my board. That option got me excited

What should i get and what kind of remotes would work?

How is it with regenerative braking does that also work good on vesc?

From what i have read about regenerative braking that it is not good to brake when you have a full battery.

I live on top on a big hill so regenerative braking makes me worried about braking to much so the board could functioning in a weird way. Maybe i think there are more cons than pros to have regenerartive braking.

Well I’m glad you are willing to learn.


Exited? you shouldn’t be :sweat_smile: So basically you have no mechanical brakes so how do you stop? solution is your motors turn into generators and charge the battery like this


(the other option is heat but lets not go there :scream:)

And yes you don’t want to go downhill full charge and risk overcharging your battery or even worse having the battery cut out and throw you off due to some safety feature or just lose brakes mid hill.

any remote that comes with a receiver (you decide which part of the remote controls throttle)

with vesc this is my favorite remote very very reliable great throttle response but there are many options this just happens to be great value so I don’t look any further

with vesc this is my favorite remote very reliable great throttle response but there are many options this just happens to be great value so I don’t look any further

hardest question as there are many different vesc’s from great reputation to It will do reputation

and I hate wasting money or being imbalanced

Vesc’s are great when tuning performance but your motors are fairly weak in our DIY world and everything you already have is calculated to work within it’s range and therefore is very practical to upgrade one part like the ESC would improve things but lose the budget balance that brought you there in the first place I think.

although maybe a battery cell swap could cure your upgrade itch.

Oh yes and please do note everything that I say comes with own personal preference

you should go out and understand things in own perspective and double check my infos.

Aha intresting, i did know my board have regenerative braking. So then have all hubmotor boards regenerative braking? Do all hub motors have also that the battery is getting charged while braking?

Then i think i should try that remote and maybe buy two at the same time as a backup spare part, haha :slight_smile:

that trigger remote does not work with your current configuration only with vesc config!